Wild Wild Hex (Hexworld #3.5) by Jordan L. Hawk

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Can a lawman witch find love with an outlaw familiar?

After weeks spent tracking down the gentleman bandit Rafael, Hexas Ranger Enoch Bright finally has the outlaw in his sights. He doesn’t expect to find out Rafael is his familiar.

When Enoch runs afoul of the murderous Bone Gang, he and Rafael strike a deal to take down the gang together. As lawman and outlaw work together, Enoch soon realizes the next thing the gentleman bandit steals will be his heart.




This has to rank up near the top as my favorite in this series!


I absolutely loved Enoch and swooned over Rafael. The two have such amazing chemistry and the fact that they acted on their attraction practically from the beginning insured that the entirety of this short story was absolutely steamy!


In addition to their physical attraction, there is also a lovely and deep emotional connection that we get to see develop as the two work together to defeat the Bone Gang (great name right???).


This was a perfect short story for this series and fans won’t want to miss it.


Anyone not yet hooked on the series will be able to read this just fine and should – so they can see what they’re missing!

5 of 5 stars


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