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Valentine’s Review: Fifth Valentine’s Day by Casper Graham

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Matthew Singer loves his two boyfriends very much, he truly does. But he’s uncomfortable with all the extravagant gifts he receives on their fifth Valentine’s Day/anniversary together. Nothing he says or does seems to discourage them. The gifts, sweet as they may be, are getting more obnoxious every year. Then he comes up with the sweetest punishment to dole out to his stubborn lovers.

Aiden Eastwood simply wants his boyfriends to feel loved. Since he has the money, he can spoil them both to his heart’s content. Ironically, Edward Langston is an emotionally stunted psychiatrist, so to show his appreciation to his boyfriends, he buys them the most ridiculous gifts that he can think of.

Will Matthew’s punishment discourage his lovers from buying more insane gifts in the future? Or will it backfire on him spectacularly

I’ve not read anything by Casper Graham before so this book was a very pleasant introduction to the authors work. For quite a short story it gave me a lovely picture of the relationship between Matt, Aiden and Edward. Their back story is included in between the ever increasing extravagant valentine gifts sent between each other. It’s not just Valentine’s Day for the trio it is also their fifth anniversary of being together which is why the reminiscing fits perfectly into the story. Casper Graham can certainly write hot scenes. There are only a couple of sex scenes in the story but Oh boy they are smoking. This is a hot romantic and amusing story perfect to fill a gap.

4 of stars out of 5


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