1.5 stars Actor/Theatre adult - 18+ Angst Level Anna Audiobook Author Provided BDSM Billionaire Book Chef class difference Contemporary DA Heat Index High but not hopeless Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort Insta Love m/f Mid level steam/heat Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) second chance at love

Traded Audiobook by Rebecca Brooke Narrated by Honey Scarlett and Leeroy Will


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I’m a pawn, a piece of chattel, a toy–used and forgotten.

When you’re done with me, you can walk away with no regrets. That’s how my husband sees me. I try to be the best wife possible for him. After all, he took me on when no one else would. Now–he’s in debt and owes more money to the loan shark than we can possibly repay.

But, don’t worry, he’s come up with a solution, it’s just not one I was expecting.

…I’ve been TRADED.


 This was a disappointment. Based on the blurb I was expecting a delicious dark romance with some dub-con sex and a bit of a twisted Stockholm syndrome leading to some sort of happy ending. Yum!

Unfortunately, what I got was an incredibly boring fairytale with a ridiculous cinderella plot, vapid characters and a bit of sugar kink.

There’s a feminist saying that a women needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle. While that may hold true for most women, not so for our heroine, Elena. No, sir! Elena marries one douche bag and the second she gets a chance to leave that relationship she needs another. There is no way this woman can exist on her own.

She is in a bad marriage with a verbally abusive douchebag. We are led to believe that her doormat personality is a product of his doing, although I never believed that.
If we are to put any stock in her own memories of the day after they got married, Dominic was already a complete and utter bastard then and yet she still hoped to marry him and was happy that she did.

When the douchebag husband finds himself in gambling debt he cannot pay, he decides to trade his wife in lieu of payment. Enter our hero, Ashton, probably the worst loan shark in the world. He accepts trades, he gives second (and third chances), none of his ‘clients’ have any respect for him – understandably so – as he has the impulse control of a 15 year old, both when it comes to his temper and his sexual prowess – seriously if these two have intercourse that last more than 3 thrusts before he “can’t hold on anymore”, I missed it!
He cannot resist a damsel in distress and decides to lower the payment owed in return for 3 months with the wife. Except that his plan is to pamper and spoil her and show her “how a man treats a woman”.

Elena, being the shallow creature that she is, takes to new clothes and spa days, like a fish to water and after 2 weeks of pampering, all the mental scars of years of abuse is happily erased by Ashton’s magic dick. There’s quite a few sex scenes with some very very mild BDSM, mostly bondage, a few spanks and a small amount of anal play.

Both main characters are shallow and annoying, same goes for any secondary characters. And I really couldn’t care less about any of them. Ashton has no character development at all, Elena has some, I guess, but mostly it seemed that she just changed men and learned how to say the word f*ck. I only finished this book because I was given a review copy. Had I bought it, I would have put it down less than 30% in.

I can only surmise that the author did no research on anything before writing this novel, or at least none of the things that goes on in the silly plot of this book felt believable: Not how the slide into an abusive relationship work, not the psychology of recovering from it, not how a crime family works or how a loan sharks operates, not how body guarding works, not how to manage a restaurant, not how auditions and rehearsals for musical theatre works and certainly not on how police work with regards to kidnapping, organized crime or man slaughter.

The narrators of this book did their best, but there is only so much you can do with the material they were given. I was quite impressed I couldn’t hear them roll their eyes. I enjoyed the way it was produced, that the male narrator did all the male voices and the female all the female voices, regardless of whose point of view we were following.

 1.5 out of 5 stars


Copy Generously Provided by Author for Honest Review

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