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Time to Laugh: Exorcising the Exes (Calling Dibs Book 1) by Jill Wexler

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Blurb: Thanks to their exes, Tanner Kennedy and Dan Markwell each believes himself to be a social mess, an embarrassment to be with, and not worth any man’s interest. When the two men begin talking about their exes, it’s as if they’d dated the same man.
Over a taco orgy, Tanner convinces Dan that they need to combat the scars left by their dating past with exorcisms, only via Instagram instead of holy water. They spend spring break together, purposely acknowledging the little things that their exes pushed upon them or told them to change. Posting to an anonymous Instagram account they created, Exorcising the Exes, they soon banish the demons of their exes with hashtags like #margaritasleadtolooselips and #hellyeahgummybears.

Instagramming their way to self-acceptance, Tanner and Dan also discover what it’s like to fall for someone who likes them for exactly who they are, #notperfectnotaproblem.

Review: #suchafunnybook, #readthisbook
This is a delightful, funny romance. Tanner and Dan were perfect for each other. They bond when they realise that they both have exes that tried to change them. Each time Tanner and Dan owned a habit, they posted pictures with a humourous #. Then there are the geese …
This book hits all my favourite themes – humour, romance, wit. It is definitely going in my ‘re-read to when I need a smile’ list. Really, really good! And I hope there will be another story featuring Jack and Matt.

4.5 stars out of 5


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