5 stars adult - 18+ Audiobook BDSM Book Bullying Dark Romance/ Bad Boys Exploration Gay Gay Homophobia Hurt/Abuse m/m Mary D Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Pain Paranormal Purchased Scorching/high heat Shifter

Time to Go Dark: Axel’s Pup Audiobook by Kim Dare Narrated by Chris Clog

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As the landlord of The Dragon’s Lair and leader of The Black Dragons Motorcycle Club, Axel Carmichael has seen it all and done it all. He’s a respected and experienced dom. Nothing shocks him any more, and nobody catches him off guard.

When Bayden rides up to The Dragon’s Lair on a bike worth more than most men earn in a year, and immediately demonstrates that he has far more attitude than sense, it’s easy for Axel to write him off as a silly little rich boy who’s about to get himself killed.

But, there’s more to Bayden than meets the eye. He’s no silly little boy, rich or otherwise, and werewolves aren’t easy to kill

What can I say. Axel’s Pup is long but oh so worth it. A wonderful mix of erotic and romantic. Axel leads the Black Dragons Motorcycle Club from his pub The Dragons Lair. From the start we learn that humanity feared werewolves so much that they tried to suppress the species by putting them in camps and destroying packs. Werewolves have no rights and are maligned within society. This is a great twist on the usual shifter stories. Given examples throughout history I can certainly see humans treating another threatening species in this way. From the moment Bayden meets Axel he recognises him as an Alpha, albeit a human one. Axel as all the traits. Axel’s protective side is drawn to Bayden before he knows he is a werewolf. The story is long but it in my opinion it has to be. Especially if we are going to get the depth of trust building between a werewolf who has been brought up to mistrust humans and a Dom finding his way with a unique sub. There is a lot of self realisation, growth and understanding throughout the story which kept me listening. Two scenes that stood out for me was when Axel asked what a Werewolf Alpha would do and took on that role when Bayden had assumed he should be trying to be more human. The other was towards the end when Bayden and Axel showed the crowd what real wolf submission looked liked. It summed up the love and trust that had grown between them.

The narrator is spot on with these characters. Axel has a light Welsh accent gruff yet smooth, slightly older sounding whereas Bayden sound young but you get the feel of his hard life coming through. The secondary characters all have a sound that suited my impression of them. For example one of the dragons was always trying to get a rise out of Bayden he sounded nasally, which suited the impression I had of a scornful attitude.

5 of stars out of 5

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