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Time to Get Scared: The Power of the Bite by Lisa Oliver

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Dax Portrain has it all – he’s the next Alpha of the only pack in town, he owns a successful night club and he has men falling all over him every night of the week. So when he catches sight of a new vampire in town, he tries to shrug off the instant attraction he feels. After all, everyone knows that wolf shifters and vampires do not get along.

Zane Macintosh has lived a long and full life, and while he might have issues trying to pass himself off as human at the Portrain police department, he knows it’s only temporary and shrugs off the problems. A night out with friends turns his whole life upside down when he catches sight of Dax with his pack. The gorgeous hunk is his mate, but that doesn’t mean that anything has to come of it. In fact, he’s determined nothing will.

One explosive meeting sends both men’s lives into a spiral. Zane knows the only way things can end well for his mate is to allow himself to die. But Dax has a stubborn streak a mile wide and isn’t going to let Zane go that easily.

Review: Wolf shifter and vampire pairing? What’s not to love? I was curious to see how this was going to work – happily, I was not disappointed.
Dax, Alpha in waiting of a wolf pack meets Zane (vampire) at the club Dax owns. Zane knows that the alpha wolf is his mate, but also knows that Dax will not accept that fact. Even knowing that vampires cannot feed off anyone other than their mate, Zane is still willing to pine away and die rather than claim Dax.
When both men get their heads out of their arses and realise that they are mates, things really heat up! However, there is a lot of shifter politics/backstabbing that come to light once they become a couple.
Dax starts out to be an arrogant jerk, but once he finds out what’s happening with Zane, he becomes easier to like. It was fun to see how 2 alpha males deal with being dominant with each other.
I really enjoyed it.

3.5 stars out of 5

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