Time to get Scared: Blood from a Stoner by LA Witt; narrated by Nick J Russo

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Blurb: Greg Dawson’s not sure which he regrets more – becoming a vampire or becoming a software engineer. Immortality? Not all it’s cracked up to be. The job?
Way more headache than it’s worth, especially on those increasingly frequent nights when he’s overworked and hangry.

With a deadline looming and his hunger growing, he’s nearing the end of his tether. Then relief comes from an unexpected source – Zane Webber, the hot programmer Greg’s been fantasizing about for two years.
Disregarding company policy, Zane lets him feed, but kind of forgets to mention he’s got some weed in his system. The next thing Greg knows, he’s high as a kite…and he likes it. He wants more.

Except how much of that high is secondhand weed, and how much is the electric and undeniable chemistry between him and Zane? That chemistry draws them back to each other again and again, and suddenly their downtime is full of sex, smoke, feeding…and emotions.
The only problem is Zane’s a mortal. If they’re in this for the long haul, then Greg has to either turn Zane or accept a future of watching him wither and die. Greg doesn’t want to lose Zane, but he also can’t stomach condemning him to this “life.” And if they can’t find some middle ground, they’ll have no choice but to let their love go up in smoke.

Review: This short story has a lot of deadpan (pun intended) humour, good world-building, a lot of heat and heart. And it’s low angst … my kind of story. Greg and Zane are fun, well fleshed out characters. I was really happy with the story and the realistic way it progressed and ended. The relationship between the 2 MCs is a different take vamp/non vamp dynamic – there was no apex predator vibe at all, for a start. It’s a well written story perfectly accompanied by narration.

OMG! Nick J Russo nailed the bored tone of Greg and the stoner tone for Zane (and Greg, the one time he was under the influence)! The voices were just right, not over or under done for either man. Sometimes it’s hard for a narrator to convey subtle nuances of dialogue or non-dialogue, especially if the character is internally monologuing – (blame TJ Klune for that last word …) – but Nick J Russo does it well here. I could tell when Greg was using his inner voice just by a slight change in inflection.
Best 3 hours spent, I loved it!

5 stars out of 5


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