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Time for the Holidays: Dreamspinner Advent Calendar Story Exit Through the Gift Shop by Kim Fielding



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Alex’s traditional family Christmas Compromise means spending the holiday at a second-rate theme park, Poseidon’s Planet, but Alex doesn’t mind. He enjoys the rides and the company of his family, and it’s a good break from his going-nowhere existence back in Indiana. Then he meets a certain sexy employee in a pirate costume, and Alex’s vacation gets even better. But thrill rides last only a short time, and sooner or later everyone has to return to real life. Alex long ago gave up on marrying a handsome prince—will he have to give up on his pirate as well?


I loved this story, the characters are fantastic and have a very tight familial bond. I enjoyed Alex’s family and their Christmas compromise vacation. Each character had a very distinct voice in the story, quirks and in such a short story I admire Fielding’s ability to write such well-rounded characters in a short.
Alex meets Rory in Poseidon’s Planet theme park and they have an instant attraction. With time against them (Alex’s family is only there for a few days) Rory reaches out to Alex and they have a very sweet, short date the next day. There is just something so captivating and charming about both of them, and the banter they share is both sexy and incredibly funny. I loved the sense of family found in the story, and how Alex’s family really embraced Rory from the first moment.
This is a super sweet, smile inducing short you do not want to miss out on!

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