Tiger Boys by Linda Gayle

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Grad student Jules has always felt different. He’s got buddies, sure, but relationships make him turn tail and run. Dreams of tigers and memories of a mysterious great-grandmother make him wonder if there’s something his parents aren’t telling him. When an unexpected inheritance offers clues to Jules’s destiny, he’s intrigued, to say the least. It doesn’t hurt that the news is delivered by a sexy Russian who seems to know Jules better than he knows himself.

A prince of a powerful tiger clan, Sergei Sidorenko wants to live as an ordinary man. But his family nags him to take his place as king. They offer him a deal: teach the lost prince Julian how to shape-shift and control his untapped sorcerous talent. Then Jules will be king, and war between the once-rival clans will be avoided. Most importantly, Sergei will be released from clan obligations forever. It sounds like an easy out. But Sergei doesn’t count on Jules being so temptingly innocent, so eager to learn. Lessons in sorcery turn to lessons in love. And Sergei falls hard for Jules.

Dark clouds gather over the tiger clans. In a bid to seize power, Jules’s ambitious older brother, Anton, works on the key to immortality. And he needs Jules’s flesh and blood to finish the spell. Tangled in Anton’s machinations, with a traitor in their midst, Jules and Sergei must fight for their lives—and for the love that destiny would deny them.


Sergei should be the next ruler of the Tigers, but he doesn’t want the headaches. He agrees to help find the next “lost” prince and train him for the job. He tells Jules about an “inheritance” from his grandmother, a house and some other things he can’t tell him about, but needs to show him instead.

Once the two arrive at the inherited house in Connecticut Sergei shows Jules that he is not just another college kid, but actually a powerful Tiger-Shifter who is next in line to rule the clan against enemies who would steal their power.

Jules has to decide if this is the life for him after he decides that Sergei isn’t actually crazy. Sergei admits to finding Jules attractive but takes longer to admit that maybe they mean more to one another than mere hook-ups and has to decide if he can be a guy who commits.

Once they decide to break free of their past lives the enemy rears its head and the two have to work together or risk everything.

This was a free read on Kindle for me, but I would have bought it anyway. I really enjoyed Linda Gayle’s shifter universe and thought the magic and the history she described were fascinating.

The love between Jules and Sergei is sweet if not overwhelming and the ending seemed to be a solid HEA even if it was still a bit tenuous by the end.

I highly recommend this book and give it a 4 of 5 stars.

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Copy purchased for review


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