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Tidal Change by Chris Kat


Something draws history teacher Rick Grady across the school hall to German teacher Marty Lindson. Maybe it’s their shared love of the ocean. Maybe it’s just that Marty is so hot, but maybe it’s something more—something mysterious. All Rick knows is that every time he gets close, Marty pulls away. After another cancelled date, Rick goes to Marty’s apartment to demand an explanation. And what Rick discovers blows his mind.

The ocean calls to Marty because he’s a merman. He’s been afraid to get close to Rick, not just to keep his world a secret, but because Rick is his mate. And to claim his mate would change everything about Marty. No matter how much he loves Rick, he doesn’t know if he’s ready to alter his entire life.


Rick and Marty teach school together and have been flirting for months. Rick is 12 years older than Marty and has a bum leg he got while diving. Marty keeps giving mixed signals: sometimes he can’t get enough of Rick, other times he’s pushing him away. But one thing is certain, whenever Rick pushes for more intimacy, Marty can’t run away fast enough.

Just when Rick thinks that he’s had enough, Marty gets “sick” and Rick ends up breaking into his house to find out if he’s in need of emergency care.

Well, he certainly in need of something, all right! Marty is a merman and Rick is his mate. The only problem is, acting on their mating will force Marty to change into something he doesn’t want to become, and once it’s done, it’s forever.

Luckily the two work together on a solution and everyone ends up surprisingly very happy.


I really enjoyed the unique nature of this book. The dilemma faced is one I have literally never seen in any other book and it was really interesting.

The romance was fairly tepid, but kind of sweet, especially in the end.

I enjoyed meeting Marty’s family and learning about merfolk and if there are more books in this series I’d definitely read them.

Overall I gave it a 3.5 of 5 stars and recommend it based on the unique nature of the story, the good writing and the solid characters.


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