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OS:  Welcome to MJ O’Shea, author of The Worst Best Man.  Thanks for stopping by and telling us a bit about your new book!

Three Cool Things I Found Out

Hi there!

This is Mj O’SheaJ Earlier this year, I finished working on The Worst Best Man, which is my second book to take place mainly in London. I’ve been there twice, but I still had to do quite a bit of research to make the setting feel authentic. And while I was doing that I found out a couple of cool things…about London and some other places as well.

One: There are huge basement palaces under a lot of the fancier London homes…and it’s getting to be a problem. Because of building restrictions, wealthy London homeowners are tunneling underneath their houses to build in luxuries that the vintage buildings didn’t come standard with – pools, cinemas, basketball courts, you name it. And they’ve had to restrict it because in some areas it’s already starting to cause dangerous cave ins!

Two: I found my perfect model house for Longwick, the house that Christopher grew up in. It wasn’t in Cornwall, but it looked exactly how I’d pictured Christopher’s house in my head. Turned out, just my luck, the house was Blickling Hall and it was the home of the Boleyns. There are rumors that Anne herself haunts it from time to time! It’s a fascinating place and I loved reading about it even if it had nothing to do with my story. To think… all I wanted was a picture J

Three: There are canals in London! To anyone who lives or has spent time in London this is probably pretty obvious but I’d never seen pictures or heard of ‘Little Venice’ so I was fairly surprised to find it existed. I thought the area was so charming, I decided August needed to live there. The canals are full of houseboats and the whole place looks like a scene from a movie. It’s definitely on my list next time I’m in the area.

That’s all from me! I had a wonderful time researching this book and it made me want to go back to London and explore some more! I sort of feel like I spent a few months living there. I’ve included a blurb and some links below. Come find me!
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Mj O’Shea



It was her special day… but his worst nightmare.

Despite his American background, August O’Leary is the most sought-after wedding planner in London. Naturally, Libby and Edward come to him for a wedding the city will never forget. But Edward is an international businessman, so the details are left to Libby and her best friend – who happens to be the love of August’s life and the one who broke his heart eight years ago: Christopher Burke.

How’s August supposed to pull off the event of the year with Christopher distracting him and old feelings crashing the party uninvited?

Christopher has let money and status dictate his life, but no more. His failure to stand up to others’ expectations of him cost him his future with August – one he’d hoped would include marriage. Now he has to face August’s hurt and anger and prove he’s still the best man to make August happy.


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