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The Vampire’s Special Lover (Wolves of Stone Ridge #16) by Charlie Richards

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Out of the cage: A good relationship needs three things: respect, communication, and compromise…besides love, of course.

Vincent Dobs Marché thought he scented his beloved—his fated one-and-only—at a shifter enforcer challenge months ago. Since rogue shifters killed his mother, bonding with one is the last thing he wants to do. He runs from the knowledge, vowing to live his life alone. Fate has other plans. Slowly, blood from human donors becomes unpalatable to him, until it’s easier to go hungry than deal with the taste. When he hits the verge of collapse, his friends step in, forcing him to return to Stone Ridge and give the shifter a chance.

When Dobs meets his beloved, Franklin Drunger for the first time, the big, sexy, wolf shifter’s blood calls to him. Frankie seems just fine with the idea of Dobs drinking from him, so he gives in to his desire and bites the man. Reb, Frankie’s protective older brother, isn’t nearly as open-minded and attacks Dobs. Acting on instinct, Frankie defends his mate, shifting to wolf form. Dobs panics at the sight of the wolf and insults his beloved. Angry and hurt, Frankie flees.

Can Dobs learn to accept the gift Fate has given him and convince Frankie to give him another chance? Or is it too late for him to earn the love of the special shifter he’s been given?


This is one of my favorite books in all the series! Frankie is Reb’s brother and he’s got a brain injury that results in him thinking a little slower than he did previously. As a result he’s very forthright and easily distracted.

Dobs is a vampire who hates shifters because they destroyed his family and when he learned his fated mate was one, he ignored the pull – to disastrous effect. What’s great about this is that he and his friends realize that he needs professional help to get over his issues and he starts with Dr Digby, a psychiatrist – instead of some “magical” cure that happens without any logical explanation.

Frankie, as a character, is so open and cute and sweet – he’s just perfect for the cynical Dobs. I love how jealous Dobs gets of the natural shifter nakedness and how Frankie and he can’t go two minutes without falling on each other!

This was a really sweet story with a little angst and lots of feels.

There is a sweet and short follow up story with Frankie’s birthday that’s adorable too!

Today’s Visitor is Charlie Richards!

5 stars


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