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The Sound Of His Silence (Unlikely Heroes #7) by Jenny Wood

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Evan is new to Edgartown. Just having lost his twin brother along with his voice; he doesn’t know how to start over and live this life without the one person that’s been there through everything. Abusive and neglectful parents to years fighting side by side as Marines….. Now he’s alone, a new town, some new friends and…a new puppy? So many new things, how will he adapt to a new guy as well?

Jury is content with his life at his dad’s construction company, working hard and spending time with his hearing-impaired brother, Caleb. A trip to the animal shelter to find Caleb a service dog has his running into (literally), silent and sad, Evan.
He know’s he’s attracted to him at first glance, but the muscled looking Marine doesn’t speak to him after nearly knocking him on his butt, so, why did his friend invite him to tag along on a night out? And why did he really want to go?

Hot guys, heavy problems, great friends, and a little puppy. What more could you want?
A guaranteed HEA and never any cliffy’s….
Graphic language and adult situations. Enjoy 🙂


Gah! I love these stories! First, Jenny rips your heart out – telling us how much Evan and his brother love one another – then she kills him off! Seriously, crying right from page one!

Second, she throws in a deaf brother, a service dog, and a hot construction guy – YES!

Evan was a really interesting character – I loved how much he loved his brother and how fierce and loyal he was about it – so much that he lost his voice in his grief. I have to admit, however, that I was disappointed that there was a sudden change in that he seemed to “miraculously” be able to use his voice. I was really hoping that he and Jury would end up signing together or something like that.

Jury was a little less clear for me than some of the other characters in this series. He’s sweet and kind but I didn’t get to know him as an individual as much as we got to know Evan or some of the other partners in the series. He felt more blank slate to me, and I wish we’d gotten to see more of his interactions with Caleb or his family.

The editing seemed a lot better this time around, though the grammar is still something that needs attention.

However, even with these niggles, I have to admit that I just LOVED this story. It met all my hurt/comfort, insta-love needs and I devoured this as soon as it reached my hands!

Highly recommended for fans of the author, the series and for fans of hurt MCs who find love and devotion with someone equally sweet and wonderful.

4.5 of 5 stars


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