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The Right Time For Us (Cade Creek #14) by Stormy Glenn

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Robby Fletcher had a lot of things to be ashamed of, but being assaulted by his oldest brother and his pals wasn’t one of them. It’s been going on for years, but after one beating too many, Robby has finally had enough.

When he learns that Moose is in danger, Robby wants to protect his brother for once, and that means going to Cade Creek to warn him that Billy is out for revenge. But nothing ever comes easy for Robby. He barely has time to step foot in Cade Creek before he’s running for his life.

Gus Fletcher knew something was wrong the second three rough-looking guys stepped inside his feed and seed store. He knew they were after something, and he was determined they wouldn’t get it, especially when he discovered the frightened man hiding under his desk.

Between misunderstandings, the danger from Billy and his cohorts, and trying to help Robby and Moose mend their relationship, falling in love seems easy. But finding the right time for it is almost impossible.


(Spoilers may be included, read at your own peril!)

I did not care for this, unfortunately, because I really love this author and this series.

We met Robby earlier, he’s Moose’s brother, and he had helped Moose escape from under the evil thumb of their brother and father.  Now it’s Robby’s turn to escape but not before we learn just how bad he’s had it.  (Rape, beatings, and more.)

When Robby leaves town he goes looking for Moose not expecting help but hoping Cade Creek can be his refuge, too.  He finds himself in the store of Moose’s boss, Gus and Gus instantly knows he has to protect Robby.

It’s here that – for me- things get dicey.  What looked to be a fabulous hurt/comfort read ends up being a ridiculously quick courtship to marriage and though abused all his life, Gus insists on spanking Robby because that’s Gus’ kink.

I not only didn’t buy it, but it felt like a continuation of Robby’s abuse and really turned me off.

Maybe not everyone will see it that way, but I don’t think there was enough story here for me to feel that the spanking was something Robby wanted or could even tolerate.

In addition, with the absence of a paranormal mating, the I love yous and the marriage happened way too quickly for me to be a believer.


Sadly, I cannot recommend this.

2 of 5 stars


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