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The Night Wolf by Parker Williams

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

The night wolf is a legend told to scare children into obeying their parents. It is said that to control a night wolf is to harness limitless power….

Gareth Blackthorn has been Alpha of the prosperous Lydon pack for nearly two decades. Breaking with tradition, Gareth doesn’t take over other packs by challenge. Instead, he lets wolves come to him and petition for admittance. He’s had his pick of the best, the brightest, and the most talented.

Until now.

A power-hungry Alpha desires Omega Sean Adler’s talent… and his submission, whether given freely or not. He’s been on the run since he was fifteen, surviving any way he could, until one night, he knows he’ll finally succumb to the injuries from his latest attack—and he’s ready to go. That’s when Gareth finds him, and Gareth’s wolf insists on claiming Sean as his mate. But there’s something mysterious about Sean, something tied to the mark on his shoulder….

Now Gareth must decide. Will he keep Sean despite the dangers that will arise, or will he throw the young man back to the wolves?

Sean has been on the run for years and after his last confrontation he is ready to give up. Not knowing where he is at and with his loss of strength Sean begins to give up. He cannot go on for much longer but when an Alpha comes to his rescue things begin to change. Can Gareth really be what he seems. Never in his life has Sean met an Alpha that he could trust but Gareth is changing that.
Sean and Gareth’s story is a nice read that is full of emotions and mystery. Sean hides many secrets and must decide if he will trust Gareth with not only his body but his heart as well. There is a lot of tension and build up in the first two thirds of the book, but it seemed to slow down towards the end, and I found the ending lacking for me. It lacked the oomph that the rest of the story has. There is good character development and world building, but I found the personalities of the bad guys a bit overdone. Overall, this is a nice introduction to this world and series. The author weaves an original story that pulled me in and has me eager to return to this world.
Number of stars out of 5: 4

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

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