The Hideaway by Rosalind Abel

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Lavender Shores’s resident tattoo artist, Connor Clark, looks the part—six foot six, musclebound, and covered in ink—and most definitely doesn’t blend in. Grafted into the Bryant family as a teenager to escape his abusive father, the Bryants saved his life, but Connor has never truly felt a part of the founding family royalty. And if his heart’s desire were revealed, it would betray everything the Bryants have done for him.

Micah Bryant was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s always had everything he ever wanted—save the one he desires most. Even moving to New York City for a few years didn’t dampen his passion. Not that Micah had expected it to. He’s known his destiny since he was nine years old, the moment it had walked through his door.

After years of longing, years of secrets and stolen moments of passion and love, Connor weakens enough to allow the town to see how he feels, and let the Bryants know his love for Micah is anything but brotherly. But no sooner had the decision been made than Connor’s biological family returns and shatters it all. Still, Micah holds on to the belief that their romance was written in the stars, but maybe he’d been wrong all those years…


This book really gets into a taboo subject for most. Foster brothers who develop a romantic interest in each other. And it’s not like they just flaunt what they want. They have fought their attraction for many, many years. They have tried to get involved with other men, and even separation. Still whenever they are back around each other the heat they feel is explosive!

Connor feels like he is betraying the Bryant family. They took him in, fought for him and made him a member of their founding family. When he finally gets to the stage where he can no longer deny his desire for Micah, Connor discovers he has a nephew who seems to be going through everything Connor did at his age. Suddenly declaring his love for Micah gets moved to the back burner.

Micah on the other hand is ready to go ballistic. He knows his family will accept him, and he knows that him and Connor being together in front of Moses will shake things up, but it won’t be irreparable.

This is a great read, with ideas that make you think, hot sex that make you steam and a happy ending that will make you smile!

5 of 5 stars


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