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The Happily Ever After Mating Agency Presents: Kitten and Puppy (Book 4) by Jane Wallace-Knight

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There have always been conflicts between shifters of different species but these were supposed to be better times. Cheetah shifter Henry Dale was just sixteen when his entire coalition was burned alive. Having to stay with the neighboring wolf pack should have been terrifying for him, especially as one of them was responsible for setting the fire, but meeting the alpha’s son, Will Gray, made him feel safer than ever.

When the council came and took Henry away, deciding he would be better off with his own kind, he not only lost his best friend, but also his first love. On the night of his thirtieth birthday he decides on a whim to sign up to a mating agency, hoping that maybe he can find love again. He never thought he would see Will again but fate, it seems, has other plans.


Jane Wallace-Knight has a delightful series where paranormals with unique situations can join a mating service that helps them to find their mates. It’s not “Mate” with a capital M, as in fate, but rather that perfect someone to fill your life.

In this case its two men who knew each other as boys, each seeking the other (subconsciously or consciously). They had made a strong connection as teenagers but were kept apart by leaders who viewed inter-species mating as wrong.

Despite time, distance and a vengeful enemy, these two “opposites” manage to find love.


I just love this series! It’s sweet and sentimental with a dash of sexy and sometimes some intrigue.

The author gives us two perfect MCs who have to fight to find one another and then fight for the right to stay together. It’s a light, low angst, fun read that I recommend to all fans of shifter romance.

(Look here for my review of book 3 in the series:

4.25 of 5 stars


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