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The Carpenter’s Apprentice by Van Barrett



First Time Gay Romance

A summer job that changed his life.

Ethan was more shy computer nerd than skilled & studly handymanwhen Jake took him as his apprentice, but a few years under the manly carpenter has this late bloomer about to blossom and show his true colors.

Ethan’s on-again, off-again girlfriend isn’t crazy about his career, and she’s made big plans to move half-way across the country. She wants Ethan to come with her … but only if he agrees to leave carpentry behind and go back to school.

Ethan’s head is reeling with questions and doubts. He lovesspending time with Jake — and the thought of giving that up makes him sick to his stomach. Can Ethan pry himself away from Jake for a relationship that’s not built on a solid foundation? Will he discover another reason why he finds Jake so magnetic?

Still waters run deep.

Jake found out too late that he was actually into guys. Tough luck for him — between raising his daughter and running his own business, he’s got his hands full. Love will just have to wait. Not that he has any idea where to find it in the first place …

He knows his crush on his apprentice Ethan is totally inappropriate, not to mention hopeless and stupid. Sure, Ethan’s a cutie — but he’s also totally straight! Hell, he’s got a girlfriend that he’s willing to move half-way across the country for!

But when Ethan and his girlfriend unexpectedly run into some problems and split up, Jake invites the younger apprentice out to his country home for some “guy time” … and sparks fly. Did Jake just do something incredibly unprofessional — or could Ethan actually be curious about getting with another guy?


The Carpenter’s Apprentice is a 65,000+ word stand-alone romance with a HEA! Narrated in dual first-person POV. No cliffhangers or cheating. Steamy MM scenes are depicted. Light MF elements depicted.


This is a Kindle Unlimited book and what I love about these is it gives new authors (at least in this case – new to me) a chance to be explored with little to no risk.

Jake is a single father, he knows he’s gay, but it took him until later in life to figure things out. Now he’s dedicated his life to his daughter and insists that means no men (aside from the occasional one night stand).

Ethan is a computer nerd who is fairly lost in life. He finds huge amounts of happiness working as an apprentice for Jake with his small construction company and this makes him re-evaluate his life decisions.

Ethan’s current girlfriend wants him to move to Chicago and attend the University of Chicago with her and several of their friends, but Ethan isn’t so sure of that plan.

To muddy the waters, Ethan finds himself attracted to Jake – a man! – for the first time and he doesn’t know what to make of it.


This is a cute book – not super eloquent – not particularly believable – but full of heart.

I liked Ethan and Jake as characters and appreciated the thought behind their actions.

There was a bit of hot smexy times, a bit of sweet feels and first time gay virgin sex!

If you’re interested in a light read with some sweet characters, give this one a go.

3.75 of 5 stars


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