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The Acrobat (Blood Ties Book 1) by Agnes Moon

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The Acrobat is a professional thief with dozens of burglaries to his credit, but when he finds himself trapped in the enormous abode of a mysterious man, as seductive as he is lethal, he realizes that the police might not be the worst of evils. Vincent de Saint-Bonnet is incredibly rich, with many hidden secrets, and little will to live. A foul-mouthed little thief with magnificent blue eyes is just what he needs to bring some light back to his gray, long-drawn-out existence. A thief looking for a valuable dagger, an antique dealer with hundreds of years under his belt, for whom the weapon represents an object of . . . inestimable value. Each man has a precise goal and nothing will stop him from reaching it. Not even the incredible attraction that grips them, pulling them into a duel, one fought with lies and seduction.

This is a brilliant story! I loved the storyline- a young boy (Liam/Acrobat) who is forced to pickpocket and live rough, but is generous enough to care for another less fortunate youth (Mal). Years later, the two are forced to steal for a living (at least Acrobat is) and live in a den of thieves and other criminals. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Acrobat is forced to break into the mansion of a mysterious antique dealer (Vincent). This is where the fun begins☺.
The story is told from both POVs and it is fun to see how the other evaluates the situations that they find themselves in. When they meet, Vincent has been watching Acrobat break in to his house and it’s funny to read how differently the break-in is perceived – on one hand, Vincent knows he’s going to catch the thief and on the other, Acrobat believes he’s going to get away with breaking in. This interaction and perspective pretty much set the tone for the book. There is humour, passion, sadness (for the life that Acrobat has lived and how much he cares for his sick friend) and a bit of heartache. There is so much packed in the book that my synopsis could never do it justice, (this is why my reviews are mostly about how much I enjoyed a book).
This is one of the best books I’ve read this year and highly recommend.

4.5 of 5 stars


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