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Taming the Wyld by Lucie Archer

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The Witness Protection Program dumps JD Smith practically at the ends of the earth—in Two Pines, Alaska—to protect him until he can testify against a dangerous gang. He tries to stick to his story and keep his head down, but it’s impossible to ignore bush pilot Jake Wylder, a sexy loner with quite a reputation around the small town.
Flying medical supplies around Alaska suits Jake’s wild streak and love of freedom. He’s perfectly content to keep his romantic encounters casual—at least until he meets JD. Something about the nurse makes Jake think settling down might not be such a hardship. Now he just needs to convince JD he’s serious—which won’t be easy, given his past.

For a relationship to stand a chance, JD must testify so he can return to Two Pines as the man he really is—and Jake must grow into the man JD needs him to be.



This story had a lot of potential. I liked the MCs, the setting and the situation.

One of the things that made JD really unique was that he really wanted to hold out for a relationship and being in witness protection meant there was no way he was about to get involved with anyone, no matter how charming. So I was shocked when literally out of the blue he changes his tune and begins to date Jake. There was no ground breaking event, it just felt like he suddenly switched gears. Suddenly, he isn’t as unique and interesting.

Jake (I was frustrated that both MCs had J names) was harder to like. Sure, he was charming, but he really was a man-slut, and the story wasn’t long enough for me to believe he’d really changed his ways.  I wanted him to be a reformed man, but we were given nothing to believe that’d happened. Just that he liked JD. He kept bugging him and bugging him, and finally JD cracked.

I was also really bothered by JD’s situation. He ended up keeping his license (I’m being as vague as possible so as to avoid spoilers) but I think – in reality- he’d have lost it in the drug bust. That would have been a more interesting story. Him having to deal with a new career in addition to the new location.

In the end, we got a very low steam romance with a plot full of holes and a quick and unsatisfying resolution.

The writing was good and it moved quickly but there were too many issues for me to recommend this.

2.5 of 5 stars


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