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Talk of the Town 
By Caitlin Ricci
 Dual review by Mary and Anna!

Extasy Books Presents:

After ending an abusive relationship, Julian comes back home to live with his parents and his son in a small town. Life is simple, and he’s happy about that. When he delivers groceries to Garrett he finds a grumpy blind man who just wants to be left alone, but they form a fast friendship with the promise of more.





I was attracted by the blurb but there is too much packed into these 33 pages to make it work for me. I was a bit confused over the timeline. Julian and his four year old son Joey, seemed to have moved around since he left his abusive husband. But it’s not clear how long, long enough to get a divorce. Yet Julian mentions mostly healed bruises. Looking for a fresh start Julian moves back to his parents home with Joey. He gets a job makes a friend, which doesn’t last. Then meets Garrett. Garrett has only been blind for six months, that’s a lot for someone to adjust to. But the way he talks about it at the end makes it sound like it happened a long time ago. Maybe I’m being too harsh but it feels like the emotional baggage is missing.
I really think this short story could have been longer. The potential is there for a lot more detail to flesh out the characters, their situations and a slow build up to a relationship. I was surprised at the speed of Julian and Garret got together given that Julian was just out of an abusive relationship.
It is a nice story but it feels too rushed.


This could have been great, but at only 33 pages there was just way too much going on and way too little time to explore it. Our two MCs spend about 2 pages of time together (on three separate occasions. The first two grocery deliveries taking all of 5 minutes in real time) and based on that they start a relationship. That moved way too fast for me. There was no lead up to the relationship, to the sex (mainly off page) and no connection or chemistry between the two.

The idea of the story still intrigue me. And if the author decided to expand it into a full length novel I would be interested to read it, but as it stands it’s a bit of a disappointing read.

2 of 5 stars


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