Angst Level Author Provided Book Contemporary Gay Geek/Jock Heat Index m/m Mild level angst Morgan New Adult no rating Porn star Rent Boy Scorching/high heat Short Story 1-20 pages (1-5k words) Virgin

Take it Like a Man by Lily Blunt


A male escort takes on an inexperienced client and breaks the first rule of rent boys: don’t get attached.

After updating his Rent Boy blog profile, well-endowed porn star Ty, who has performed many times for reputable adult websites similar to dosexvideo, receives a text from a sexually inexperienced client. Andy, the client, asks Ty to provide him with the necessary know-how so should he ever get a date with the guy he’s attracted to, he’ll be fully prepared.

Little does Ty know that this hookup will lead to a friendship that will subsequently change his life.

***This story has been previously published as The Perfect Size for You by Torquere Press in the Take It Like a Man anthology. This second edition has been expanded and reedited.***



This is a very short story about an escort/porn star who accepts a nerdy, virgin for a client and falls in love.

It’s a HFN story that ends on an optimistic note.

Due to the size of the story neither character gets developed really very deeply and so I categorize this as more of a “fantasy” type story than a fully realized short-story. At least, that’s how it read, to me.

Since I’m not really a fan of the HFN story endings and I really don’t do infidelity at all, this wasn’t my kind of story. But… if guys with “large packages” and cute virgins are your thing I think you’ll really enjoy this short fantasy about unexpected love.

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Old cover from the old story published by Torquere over two years ago and with incorrect product information – the book is 13K long.

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