adult - 18+

His Fairy Share: (Starfig Investigation Book 3) by Meghan Maslow; narrated by Greg Boudreaux


“Why does this always happen to us?” –Quinn Broomsparkle, wizard extraordinaire

Six months have passed since wizard Quinn Broomsparkle left behind his indentured servant shackles. He’s in love with his half-dragon/half-fairy familiar, Twig Starfig. He’s got a home. Friends. A job. And a father-in-law he could do without. A pretty close to perfect life. But as Quinn has learned the hard way, things rarely stay peaceful for long. Especially when a Starfig’s involved.

Summoned to his home realm and a past he’d thought left behind, Quinn and Twig find themselves in the middle of evil machinations . . . with no clear enemy. When Quinn’s younger brother, Zak, goes missing, it’s Starfig Investigations on the case.

Being the first wizard in a thousand years isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. On top of a missing brother, a broken-hearted red fury, an archivist with a secret, and a ghost pirate-parrot who’s determined to return to his captain, Quinn and Twig’s relationship is sorely tested when questions—and unhappy answers—about their mating dilemma are pushed to the fore.

All Quinn wants is his fairy share of happiness. Is that so much to ask?

Story: This is such a great series overall and book 3 is definitely a brilliant addition.
This time the story is from Quinn’s view and I loved it – we get to understand his fears about mating, (potentially losing his magic), his exasperation with Twig always trying to protect him, and the heartache and damage done by Quinn’s horrid family. There are new characters to love (Zak), some to hate, (especially Quinn’s family), and some surprises. While there is still a lot of humour, the plot in this installment is a bit more serious – political intrigues, treacherous friends and dealing with councils in the Hominus and Lighthelm. Overall, the world-building continues to be, well world class… 🙂 with great characters and great dialogue!
Definitely one of my favourite series and author.
Highly recommend!

Narration: It’s Greg Boudreaux – what more do I have to say?
Listening to Quinn’s POV alà Greg was just as good as when the story was told from Twig’s. He has made the series a fantastic must-listen. Excellent narration!

Story: 4.5 stars
Narration: 5 stars