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Predator and Prey (Shifters Book 9) by MD Grimm

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PredatorandPreyLGVietnam War vet turned deep-sea treasure hunter Digger Sullivan scratches out a living, and this new commission is just another job—albeit an exciting one—off the Florida coast in 1977. But while exploring the area, Digger and his crew encounter a lot more sharks than they expected.

Reef and his shark shifter clan are charged with protecting a vital, magical secret—two of four scrolls that, when brought together, could annihilate shifters across the world. But Reef can’t keep his head in the game around this intriguing diver, and it’s not long before Digger takes one of the scrolls topside. Reef now has two missions: seduce Digger and recapture the scroll. Despite his attraction to Digger, Reef’s priority must be reclaiming the scroll.

But when Reef’s true identity is exposed, Digger is scared and appalled and rejects him. Yet Digger might change his mind when his crew is captured by the very person who commissioned them, and Reef and his shark clan are the only things standing between them and death.


Digger and his crew are hunting for treasure for a mysterious “heiress”. They don’t know what they’re looking for only where it is. When they dive deep to find it they are accosted by Great White Sharks!

Reef is a Great White Shark Shifter put in charge of guarding the scrolls (from the previous books) that protect Earth from destruction. Though he’s bored, he’s dedicated. When a man comes into his territory seeking the scrolls he’s intrigued by his bravery and warrior’s spirit.

Unexpectedly, Digger claims one of the scrolls and Reef has to join the crew as a human to seduce the scroll back into his care. Along the way he develops feelings for Digger.

When the heiress sends her henchmen after the scrolls both Digger and Reef must band together to save both the scrolls and their lives.


I LOVED the idea of a shark shifter! MD Grimm did a fantastic job of giving Reef “sharklike” qualities while in his human shape. Perhaps it’s some of that residual lack of emotion that made me feel a bit distanced from the relationship between Digger and Reef.

I never felt the connection (beyond the sex) between these guys and the mystery of the scrolls definitely overpowered the romance.

I’m typically a fan of the Shifter series but this left me a bit cold.

The writing was fine and the characters were fully developed and interesting, but the romance just wasn’t there for me. It also ends on an HFN of which I’m not a big fan.

All in all I think fans of the series will enjoy it and I think it can be read as a stand-alone, but it wasn’t my favorite in the series.

3.5 of 5 stars


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