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Audiobook: On The Brink (Cloverleah Pack #10) by Lisa Oliver narrated by John York


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Raff never wanted a lot out of life; his pack, his family and to be accepted for who he was. Yes, Red Wolves were smaller, skinnier and weaker than other shifters, but they were also extremely rare. Which is why, when he was banished from his home pack and family, he made a point of staying away from other wolves. But living rough, without any money, is really hard and when Raff risks a trip into San Antonio to find some cash work, he quickly wished he hadn’t. Although, thanks to his dog Killer, he did meet up with the Alpha Mate of the local pack. Maybe, just maybe his life would take a turn for the better.

Nereus was almost as old as the sea itself, but he made a point of visiting friends whenever he could. A chance visit to the wolf pack at San Antonio put him in the path of his mate, and Nereus grabbed the little man as quickly as he could. But Raff was new to the pack and when Scott and Madison get kidnapped and the men from Cloverleah zap into town, Nereus can’t help but wonder if Cloverleah might offer his new mate a safer place to live.

Back in Cloverleah, Teilo is pleased his brother is mated, but it’s not as though he has a chance to go and look for a mate himself. He’s settled in his home and loves to run in his wolf form. Although, when he gets bitten by a teacup poodle with the ridiculous name of Killer, he wonders what other surprises are going to jump out of the bushes at him. He didn’t expect to find two mates.

A crazy serial killer with no scent; danger for Raff at every turn and a landlocked beach? The men at Cloverleah are in for some pleasant and not so pleasant surprises. Throw in four dogs and the gorgeous bear cub and all of the men in Cloverleah are going to have to be on their toes.

(Warning: M/M/M menage: violence, graphic intimate situations between men and an attempted rape of one of the MCs. Also features a teacup poodle who thinks he’s an alpha, a serial killer who believes in mpreg and a merman with a beautiful tail).

A note to readers: This book is based partially on a time line from Angel in Black Leather Pants. It is not necessary to have read that first, but if you have, don’t be surprised at the overlap. Also, because of the timeline of the book, it is written in two parts. Part one is in San Antonio where Raff and Nereus meet. Part Two is in Cloverleah where Raff and Nereus meet up with Teilo.


This is a series that you should definitely read in order. I think, technically, if you read this on it’s own it’d make sense, but you’d miss a lot of the import since so many recurring characters and overall story arc would be missing.

I realize that I’ve never formally reviewed any of the books in this series! Well – that’s going to be remedied! I love to re-read this series, so on my next pass I’ll catch everyone up.

To summarize, for any new to this series, this is a very unique pack of shifters. It starts with just wolves, but eventually we add in a jaguar, Fey, a Vampire, a Djinn, and now a demi-god. They are all gay – of course!- and most have been ostracized for that in their respective family group. They somehow all end up in this small little pack and even though it’s unusual, many of them are Alphas but they all follow the leadership of Kane, the first Alpha from book 1.

There is another pack, the San Antonio pack, across the nation, who works closely with this pack and with whom they share some members through a family link – ie Scott and Troy.

Though there exists a BDSM club that predominates in both pack areas, BDSM is not a main theme in this series, only occasional references but no real “action”.

There are a few triads, so ménage is no uncommon for this series, and this is a ménage as well.

What I love about this series is the complexity of the plots, the use of magic and other “paranormal” behaviors routinely, the very well-developed characters who have flaws and aren’t all perfect all the time. Sometimes, especially in the beginning, the writing can feel a bit stilted, but as the series has progressed, Lisa Oliver’s writing has improved and now the stories really flow.

In this ménage, I found the triad was really essential to making the mating work. It was clear that Nereus and Raff weren’t working just right. The addition of Teilo filled gaps and made them truly whole. To me, that’s what makes a good triad – when all the partners are needed and it’s not simply a couple plus one for added kinky sex.

In fact, though there is an appropriate amount of sex, it’s really not the main theme in this story. There’s so much action and kidnapping and danger – the reunions are lovely though!

There’s also a nice family thread with Nereus and his fathers – and the great introduction of Death to the series! – that was really lovely.

I’m excited to see where this series goes now that we have these other figures involved: Thanatos, Sebastian, and maybe even Abraxas? It looks amazing!

Highly recommend this book and the series to lovers of shifter romances!

4.5 of 5 stars



John York supplies a solid performance.  My main complaint is the vast number of “twangy” accents.


3.5 of 5 stars

Overall 4 of 5 stars



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adult - 18+

Retro Review: Rampage (Out for Justice #3) by Reese Knightley

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Explosive action, bullets flying, heroes, villains, and love, you don’t want to miss this next installment in Reese Knightley’s Out for Justice series. Read Ricochet and Collide before diving into the next story!

-Rampage –
Three strong, independent, and protective badasses are on the cusp of romance when tragedy and disaster come at them like a landslide. While they chase down a sex trafficking kingpin with a devious plan, life throws one challenge after another in their path.
Grumpy Phoenix sniper, Storm, wears a perpetual frown to keep others at bay. There’s a reason they call him stormy, which has nothing to do with the color of his eyes. He equates communicating with people to chewing on glass. It’s not that he doesn’t want to connect, it’s just that he sucks at it.
Easygoing FBI Agent Roscoe Burns navigates an unexpected tragedy that sends his comfortable world in a tailspin right when he’s found what he wants in life. But then, sometimes life has a way of providing the extraordinary.
Spirited Phoenix tracker, Wild, is reeling from a past he thought he’d left behind. When a golden chance for something greater emerges, his propensity to overthink things might just ruin his chances.
Storm, Roscoe, and Wild flirt around a burning attraction as Phoenix continues the fight against crime. Communication, tailspins, and tragic pasts are just some of the things these men will need to face when death comes knocking. Can three strong men survive the trials they face or will history destroy them all?

*Note from author – Rampage is not a standalone novel. To get the full enjoyment out of the story and characters, reading from book one is strongly recommended. Trigger warning: Human trafficking, mention of child abuse and murder


This one I both liked as much as and less than book 1.
I thought the romance was great – BUT – I did NOT see the connection between all 3 guys. I could see it between any set of 2 of them, but I did not see why they HAD to be a triad. It just didn’t feel organic in the way that you hope to see triads develop.

There were times when I thought Roscoe was an afterthought, and I didn’t like that.

The crime/mystery stuff is a HUGE part of this and the wide array of characters can be dizzying.

You have to read these all in order and even then it’s a bit much to keep track of everything.

Overall, I enjoyed it – but I didn’t love it.

3.5 stars

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