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Audiobook: Safe Harbor by HJ Welch Narrated by Nick J Russo


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Robin Coal wonders if asking his straight housemate Dair to be his fake boyfriend for his high school reunion will be the worst thing he’s ever done…or the best. But there’s no way he’s going home to face his abusive ex alone, and former Marine Dair is just the protection he needs. So long as he doesn’t find out about Robin’s secret crush, everything will be fine.

Mechanic Dair Epping never expected to spend a week sharing a bed with his adorkable friend, however pretending to be bi is easier than he imagined. He knows he’ll do anything to keep Robin safe from his ex-boyfriend, but as the chemistry between them grows, the line between fake and reality begins to blur.

Could Dair actually be bi? Even if he was, would an ex-Marine really be interested in a computer geek like Robin? When his ex’s intentions turn dangerous, how far will Dair go to protect the man he’s falling for

I loved this fake boyfriend story. There are a lot of issues both Alistair (Dair) and Robin have to face before they realise they are right for each other. It’s that wonderfully classic case of everyone else seeing it but them. Neither of them are completely happy in their current life. They are in a comfortable day to day existence. Until Robin needs to go home for a school reunion and his horrible ex will be there. A fake boyfriend is suggested and Dair steps up for the role. Bring in a loving family and a horrible ex to stir things up and you have a wonderful blossoming and eventful love story with a very satisfying happy ending.
Nick J Russo is a fantastic narrator who brings out the nuances of each character so well. I love the way he pays as much attention to the secondary characters, Robin’s friends and family are so charismatic.

4 of stars out of 5

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