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Recent Release: Back in Blacks by Rhys Ford


Blurb: McGinnis Investigations: Book One

There are eight million stories in the City of Angels but only one man can stumble upon the body of a former client while being chased by a pair of Dobermans and a deranged psycho dressed as a sheep.

That man is Cole McGinnis.
Since his last life-threatening case years ago, McGinnis has married the love of his life, Jae-Min Kim, consulted for the LAPD, and investigated cases as a private detective for hire. Yet nothing could have prepared him for the shocking discovery of a dead, grandmotherly woman at his feet and the cascade of murders that follows, even if he should have been used to it by now.

Now he’s back in the dark world of murder and intrigue where every bullet appears to have his name on it and every answer he digs up seems to only create more questions. Hired by the dead woman’s husband, McGinnis has to figure out who is behind the crime spree. As if the twisted case of a murdered grandmother isn’t complicated enough, Death is knocking on his door, and each time it opens, Death is wearing a new face, leaving McGinnis to wonder who he can actually trust.

Review: Cole’s back!!! And with him is the rest of the gang – Jae-Min, Bobby, Claudia, literally everyone. So happy to see a new story featuring one of my favourite PIs.
The story is vintage Rhys – lush descriptions of the area, lots of banter, sleuthing and dodging bullets – but also heralds a new look at Cole’s life, both personally and professionally.
I loved the murder/mystery aspect of Back in Black, especially as it kept me guessing, also was happy to know of the mentioned characters from another book (Murder and Mayhem series; not that you have to read said books).
So glad Cole is back; actually, he never left since I periodically reread and relisten to the first set of books.

I can safely say I’m going to enjoy this second ride with Cole and the Gang  (no 70’s band were harmed with that pun!).

5 stars out of 5

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Recent Release: A Dance Too Far by H. L. Day

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Blurb: Valentin Bychkov, rising star of contemporary Russian ballet, appears to have everything: wealth, talent, success, and a face and body to match. Not that anyone can get close. Bypass the entourage and there’s still Valentin’s sharp tongue and acerbic wit to deal with. He may give his body freely, but his emotions are kept tightly locked away.
Max Farley’s life is a simple one. All he’s interested in is work, drinking, and picking up the latest in a long line of one-night stands. The way he chooses to live may not be to everyone’s taste but it suits him down to the ground. He’s never met anyone who’s made him want to confront the demons from his past. Until now.

A show in London brings the two together. Lust brings them closer still. But if rumors of Bratva connections turn out to be true, then dangerous men wait in the wings. One dangerous man in particular, who’s used to people following his orders without question.
Difficult choices need to be made on both sides. Valentin and Max need to stop playing with fire and let each other go, or face the consequences. But letting go isn’t that easy where love is concerned.

And some things are worth the risk.

Warning: This book contains a snarky ballet dancer with an aversion to clothes, a little too much wall sex and an overabundance of Russian heavies.

Review: Overall, a good romantic suspense story, but for some reason I didn’t really warm to either Max or Valentin. Max was a bit of a ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ type, but without the charm; Valentin was a cold, haughty type, also a bit charmless. I think I may have (unfairly) compared this book to previous H.L. Day books where the MC’s are a bit more fun.
Anyway, back to this book. It’s well written with glimpses into the ballet world and a bit of mafia mayhem (Russian) thrown in. The prose is engaging, and I did enjoy the wit and banter between the characters. Max’s backstory was a little disturbing, and frankly I wasn’t sure about the whole affair with the teacher when he was underage. But it did explain he was wired to not do relationships.
I think I was expecting a lighter, more humourous story – that is on me. It’s a good story and anyone looking for complex characters a hard fought HEA will love this book.

3.75 stars out of 5

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