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Audiobook: Troubled Water by: HJ Welch narrated by Nick J. Russo



Scout Duffy doesn’t know what’s worse. The fact that his scorching one-night stand is his bratty new client, or the fact that he doesn’t even remember Scout. But beneath all the bravado, Scout can see Emery is terrified, and he’ll do anything to protect him from his attacker. If only he would lower his walls and let Scout into his heart as easily as he lets him dominate in the bedroom…

Being out and proud his whole life means Emery Klein has never been safe. But now, his charity work and social media fame have put a target on his back from bigots, and his friends force him to hire a private bodyguard. Emery doesn’t need to be judged by some straight former boxer, but his attraction to the gorgeous hunk is insatiable. When Emery finally recognizes Scout, they can’t keep their damn hands off one another, if only for as long as Scout’s in town.

There’s a reason Emery never looks too closely at the men he sleeps with, just like there’s a reason Scout lives out of a suitcase in motel rooms. Will two men hiding from hurt realize the love that could heal them both is right in front of them? Or will Emery’s attacker take everything before they have the chance?

There is wealth and depth of stories weaving together in this book. insert have an enemy to lover, employer to employee not to mention the mystery of who was out to get Emery. In the beginning I found Emery so annoying and frivolous. He felt like a character that didn’t care about anything that didn’t affect him. I was firmly on Scout’s side, he’s such a sweetheart. Except it started to become tangled. Neither would give ground and I could see that fault lay on both sides. I found it to be a very good twist between the two very different characters. Scout has ethical work decisions to make and Emery has his own reasons for being an absolute princess. In amongst this intriguing will they won’t they romance there is the mystery of who is after Emery. This aspect was in the background but it was never forgotten. I never had a clue who the perpetrator could be.
As always Nick J. Russo gave the characters life and spirit. He brings their personalities to the forefront giving us another dimension.

5 of stars out of 5

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review