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Audiobook: From a Jack to a King By: Scotty Cade Narrated by: Kenneth Obi




New York Times best-selling mystery writer Bay Whitman leads the life of a celebrity – at least on the surface. In public, he’s self-assured and in control. Women hang on his every word, while men envy his confidence and swagger. But in reality, Bay is a loner. He’s shy and introverted, and his life consists of sitting in a dimly lit room writing his famous Jack Robbins mystery novels. His one vice – gambling. Winning an escort in a poker game will change Bay’s life in ways he never imagined.
Matthew “King” Slater is one of the hottest tickets in gay porn. He spends his days in front of the camera and his nights as a highly paid escort to the rich and famous. Deep down, he craves romance and a real connection, but his past makes it hard to separate the needs of his body from those of his heart. For now, it’s easier to think of sex as just a job. But while doing a shoot in Vegas, King is hired for a tryst at a famous hotel and casino, and his handsome client might blur the line between work and play.


This was a fail for me. I didn’t enjoy the MCs – I wanted to like Bay as a geek/loner and King as the confident opposite but it felt forced and not at all realistic. Which is fine – but not what I was after. I thought the self help stuff was interesting and unique from a “romance novel” standpoint but I didn’t connect with King and as a result I didn’t find his story compelling.

I think others have enjoyed this but I couldn’t get behind the characters so I wasn’t attached to their relationship.

I found the narration to be only ok, nothing to make me want to keep listening when the story wasn’t enough.

I think a lot of this is personal preference versus poor writing or bad narrating. None of this jumped out at me and had it not been on my review list I’d have stopped reading/listening.

2.5 of 5 stars overall

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Audiobook: The Nerd and the Prince By: B.G. Thomas Narrated by: Seb Yarrick




Prince Charming is the man next door.
Small-town business owner Jason Brewster has big dreams: world travel, adventure, and, most of all, a passionate romance worthy of a fairy tale. But he doesn’t believe fantasies can come true…. Until Adam moves in next door. He’s handsome, cultured, European, and, best of all, interested in Jason. It’s like something out of the stories Jason loves.
But Adam – whose real name is Amadeo Montefalcone – has a secret. He’s royalty, prince of the small country of Monterosia. Only he doesn’t want to rule, and especially doesn’t want the loveless marriage waiting for him at home. So he ran away in search of true love. With a man. And with Jason, he finds it. But Adam can’t run forever. The truth will come out. If Jason can forgive Adam’s deception, they might find their happily ever after.


The love story is soooo cute and has such a wonderful ending! I loved all the mythology references and I thought the steam level was just right.
I enjoyed this immensely and highly recommend it!
4.5 of 5 stars

The audio was ok. The accents weren’t good but he tried. In general I think this is better read than listened to, but it wasn’t a terrible way to go if you have no choice.
2.75 of 5 stars

Overall 4 of 5 stars

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5 stars adult - 18+ Audiobook Audiobook Month Bullying DA Exploration Gay Gay Homophobia Hurt/Abuse Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Monthly Theme Morgan New Adult Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series PTSD Purchased Standalone Virgin

Audiobook Month: Brandon Mills vs the V-card (Prescott College book 2) by Lisa Henry and JA Rock Narrated by Joel Leslie

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Smart, shy Prescott sophomore Brandon Mills is working hard to overcome his troubled past and be normal. With the help of his friends Mark and Deacon, and his brothers at Phi Sigma Kappa, he’s slowly coming out of his shell. But when he accidentally drenches a freshman in orange soda, he faces something he’s not ready for: a boy crushing on him.

Alex Kekoa pledges Phi Sig because it has everything he wants: a house full of nerds who won’t tease him for being smart, a dog, and Brandon Mills. Brandon is just the type of guy Alex needs to help fulfill his college ambition: losing his virginity. Except Alex doesn’t know that Brandon can’t stand to touch or be touched.

When Alex and Brandon are drafted onto the Phi Sig Academic Challenge team, their mutual attraction grows. If there’s anyone who can help Brandon discover it feels good to touch and kiss, maybe it’s klutzy Alex with his cute glasses and his dinosaur obsession. But as the competition–and their relationship–heats up, Alex’s determination not to die a virgin clashes with Brandon’s vow of lifelong celibacy, forcing them to examine what’s truly important to each of them about love.


Brandon Mills (best friend of Mark who we met in book one) is a shy, nerd, who loves dinosaurs, has an eidetic memory and a really, really crappy childhood.

Alex Kekoa is a giant nerd who also loves dinosaurs, has had a sunny childhood, is totally infatuated with Brandon, and is also a virgin (thus the title).

Alex joins Brandon’s frat just to be near him (and because it suits his style and brain). When he – in a fit of passion- kisses Brandon, it sets loose all sorts of thoughts and feelings in Brandon he didn’t know he had and definitely doesn’t know how to process.

First there’s the whole “gay” thing – which he doesn’t really identify as, but isn’t the biggest thing. The biggest thing is the touching. Brandon doesn’t touch anyone. Not even himself.

Most of the book takes place in Brandon’s head. Figuring things out. Trying to remember to forget. Trying to learn how to be new. Using the hair-brained but wonderful advice of his kooky and sometimes high friend, Mark.

Alex is the most gentle and unassuming soul you could meet, exactly what someone with Brandon’s history needs.

Add into the mix Blake and his contributions to the LGBTQ association as well as Mark and Deacon’s continued coupledom and you have a delightful mix of the quirky and funny with the sentimental, tender and sometimes painful.


I couldn’t put this book down! I only skimmed book one. And only after I read this. Book one has some elements that I am uncomfortable with… so I just got the highlights. But… I do love Mark and Deacon as a couple and I enjoyed reading about them before they were a couple.

Brandon is so heart-breaking in this story. Gah! He tries so hard and does everything right but sometimes that still isn’t enough, is it? Alex is a wonderful boyfriend and together, the two of them exploring their feelings – it was so sickly sweet and funny and most of the time it felt really REAL.

I guess that reality is what makes me knock this down from a perfect 5 star book to a 4.5. I wanted and really hoped for Brandon and Alex to remain a couple – FOREVER and we get hints that they might… but no guarantees. In fact, I could honestly say that I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t… just by the way their relationship to this point was handled. (When they do finally make it to boyfriend status, I never quite got the feeling from Brandon that he was as invested as Alex… but that could just be me.)

Anyhow – I loved how the first-time-sex scene was handled and thought it felt really authentic. Messy, imperfect and wonderful. I loved how Brandon grew, but not in a “fairy tale it all goes away” way. Again, that felt very authentic.

Blake is my absolute hero. I lurves him so much! He was so genuine and wonderful and such a tremendous ALLY! What a great way to view the world and what a nice way to open that discussion – gays in sports.

All in all this was a fun (sometimes), heartbreaking (sometimes), full of feels (all the times) and very well written book.

This writing duo makes for awesome character development and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for book three (which Lisa Henry has said is currently in the works!)

So… I highly recommend this to lovers of the v-card, college boy fans, anyone who loves a hard-childhood story and lovers of dinosaurs everywhere!


Joel Leslie is Frickin’ awesome! I’m so glad the authors chose him since he can do such a wide array of characters! There are so many unique voices and accents and Joel does them all – so wonderfully!

I adored this and his narration and … him!

Highly recommended!

5 of 5 stars

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3.5 stars 4 stars adult - 18+ Beth Jumper Book Dreamspinner Fade to black/No Steam Gay Gay m/m Mary D Mid level angst Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Part of a Series Standalone

Release Day Review: Mystic Man by E J Russell

release day review

Dreamspinner Press



When a series of personal crises prompt risk-averse research librarian Aaron Templeton to apply for a job on the other side of the country, nobody is more surprised than he is. He nearly runs home before the final interview except for one little problem: he has no home anymore. He put his condo on the market before he left California and it’s already sold. Only an encounter with free-spirited Connecticut native Cody Brown at the Mystic Seaport Museum staves off Aaron’s incipient panic attack.
Cody loves nothing better than introducing newcomers to the great features of his beloved home state, and when the newbie in question is a rumpled professorial type with the saddest blue eyes on the planet? Score! The attraction between the two men deepens as they explore Cody’s favorite spots, but when difficulties arise and Aaron’s insecurities threaten to overwhelm him, will Cody’s love be enough to keep him in Mystic?


Review by Mary

Such a sweet story. It was a pleasure to read. Perfect for the times when you just want a bit of comfort. That hallmark effect. Aaron and Cody meet when Aaron is starting to panic about all the drastic changes he has made to his life on the spur of the moment. Aaron’s knight in shining armour. I loved Cody’s gentle wooing of Aaron. Taking into account all his insecurities. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the part just before the ending. It felt unnecessary to leave Cody missing Aaron, but then again it made their reunion so much sweeter. Be assured there is a happy ending. Mystic certainly seems like a magical place.


3.5 of stars out of 5

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Review by Beth
This is a sweet story about taking chances. When faced with an unpleasant situation Aaron leaps feet first into change. Chance of a New job and new coast has him jumping on a plane to check it out. but once he’s there he completely panics.

Cody is a restless spirit, always running off for an adventure somewhere in the world. When he sees Aaron standing on the sidewalk it’s like “wow I have to talk to this guy!”

There is great give and take between them. As Cody takes Aaron around to see the sights, Aaron gets to see how much Connecticut has to offer. It’s a slow boil as the 2 get to know each other and off page sex keeps it PG.

A fun and easy story for a summer afternoon.

4 of 5 stars

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