4 stars adult - 18+ Book DA Dark Romance/ Bad Boys Gay High but not hopeless Hurt/Abuse Mary D Mild/low level heat Monthly Theme Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Older MCs Part of a Series PTSD Purchased Stalker/Abusive Ex

Time to go Dark: Ash by Jack L. Pyke

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“You up for that, hm, Ash? A lesson from an old soul to youth? From me… to you?”

Ash Thomas and his gameplay with other men is vicious, cruel. Better to fuck someone over than be the one who’s on the floor, fucked up, right? But his latest cruelties are about to catch the eye of the Wraith, someone who’s been brought up to play professionally in the shadows. For Ash, beauty and rage aren’t the kind of sins to win him any favours anymore. Life and lessons of the heart never did come easy, especially when they’re about to walk in off the darkened streets, bringing bloodied footprints in their wake.

Jack L. Pyke’s Don’t series is a wonderfully dark psychological series. All the characters have so many facets, complex lives. I would say that to enjoy the series it’s best to start at the beginning. This book, Ash, brings in new players. Ash comes across as cruel and thoughtless. Only after his own enjoyment as does his mate Chase. As the story progresses we learn another side to Ash which explains his behaviour. I’m still not sure if I like him though. Raif is where the story starts to link into the series. He is a MI5 operative (as is Grey one of the central characters to the Series). He decides to teach Ash a lesson but gets drawn to him as well. At the same time he is made aware of some gruesome murders and is on surveillance for another case. BDSM is an important aspect to all the characters, so if that’s not your cup of tea steer clear.
This book does give you a taste of the nature of the series and Jack L. Pyke’s style. And on the face of it you don’t need to know the details of the previous stories to enjoy this one. However, it is a prequel to book 5 where all the previous characters have a part and I anticipate it would be difficult to follow if you haven’t. Also nothing is resolved in this story, it is just setting the scenes. Book 5 continue from the end of this one.
To be honest if this is your kind of book you probably already know about this series, if it’s got you intrigued don’t wait bring the series to the top of your tbr list.

4 of stars out of 5




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3.5 stars adult - 18+ Book Dee Dreamspinner Gay Gay m/m Mid level steam/heat Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words)

Release Day Review: Tomb of the God King By Julia Talbot

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Englishman Christian Hewler travels to 1920s Egypt as the man Friday to an eccentric American millionaire, hoping to make history and establish his name in archaeology. What he doesn’t count on is meeting brash hired gun Eric Lawless, an American cowboy working for a rival team, or the paranormal mystery that draws them in and has them facing down crazy archaeologists, dark entities, and even ancient gods.
From dark tombs to the burning-hot desert of the Egyptian landscape, Christian has to prove his mettle. During this dangerous game of cat and mouse, the reluctant partnership between Christian and Eric blossoms into more—maybe even a love that can last beyond the deception and terror hidden deep in the tombs of the Valley of the Kings.

Second Edition
First Edition published by Torquere Press, October 2006.


Historical books are one of my favourite reads, so I really wanted to read this.

It’s set in the 1920’s, at the height of mummy fever. Christian is an expert on archeological digs, but due to an indiscretion, he has to take a less than ideal job with an American ‘archeologist’. Christian is a bit of a ‘proper gent’, so when he meets Eric, a gun-slinging American (assigned to a rival team), there is a bit of a cultural divide J

The overall story is light but fun, complete with villains, ancient myths, some historically accurate facts – (if you want a factual story, that’s what history books are for!)

While I liked the overall story – the adventure, fun, humour – there was an aspect of the story that threw me a bit – .

Spoiler Inside SelectShow


Readers who like ancient history/mythology mixed in with a bit of fun and suspense will have a good time reading it.

3.5 stars out of 5

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adult - 18+ Audiobook Book Gay Ghost Mild level angst Mild/low level heat Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Purchased Time to Laugh

Time to Laugh: Agent Bayne (PsyCop #9) Audiobook by Jordan Castillo Price Narrated by Gomez Pugh

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Victor Bayne is through with the Chicago PD. Can he handle the FPMP?
After years of frustration as a PsyCop, Victor Bayne reports for duty at the Federal Psychic Monitoring Program. As a fledgeling agent, he’s ready to smoke out a few ghosts and be home each night in time for dinner. But is he prepared to add a professional dimension to his romantic partnership with Jacob Marks?
Jacob has already established his territory in the Program—he’s competent, he’s respected, and he’s pretty much fearless. The last thing Vic wants to do is screw up in front of him.
When fellow agents start turning up dead, Vic is expected to do more than just lay their ghosts to rest. But what if his psychic talent isn’t quite enough? As the death toll rises, he and Jacob scramble to determine who’s in danger, and who’s a killer.
Using all the resources at their disposal, they close in on their suspect. But as they do, their past comes back to haunt them…and even Jacob worries they’ve tampered with forces they should have left alone. Are their combined talents enough to protect them from enemies both living and dead?


(Book Reviewed Here Previously)

This book made me ridiculously happy!

First, it gives us more Jacob and Vic and even some Crash! We get to solve another mystery and just when we think we know all there is to know about Vic’s talent… there’s more to know!

Aaaand – it seems like there could be many of these with Vic as FPMP. I wouldn’t be sad if these went on for – I don’t know – EVER!

Aaaand – I love his new phone! So funny and realistic!

Aaaand- Jacob and Vic are still rock solid. They are such a great couple and I love watching their relationship evolve over time.

If you’re a fan, you’ve already read this and if you haven’t started this series – go do it!

I cannot wait for the audio!

Highly Recommended!

5 of 5 stars



OMG so hysterical!  Gomez IS Victor Bayne to me – and I thought this was some of his best work!  His “phone” voice cracked me up so hard I laughed out loud.  He does accents and “characters” and handles the dry wit of this to perfection.  Absolutely wonderful – something fans of the series won’t want to miss and anyone new to the series will find entrancing!

6 of 5 stars


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4.5 stars adult - 18+ Book Dee Gay m/m Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Purchased Standalone Time to Laugh

Time to Laugh: Hidden in Darkness by Alice Winters

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Blurb: When Felix lands a job taking care of a man recovering from severe injuries, he thinks his life may have just turned around. Anything has to be better than the place he’s leaving. There’s something about Lane that draws Felix to him and makes him question if this place could finally become a home for him. But when someone begins stalking Felix, he is left to question who Lane is and what actually happened to him. Together, Felix and Lane will be forced to see just how far they will go to protect each other. Being chased by cops, kidnapping a man, and breaking into a drug operation seems to be his normal since arriving in Lane’s life. Felix may be out of his element, but one thing he is sure about is that he doesn’t want to leave, even if it costs him his life.

I really had a lot of fun reading this 🙂 Felix is a snarky, height-challenged man who has a heart-breaking past. Lane is a recently blinded, (in the line of duty), detective. Felix is hired to to be a companion (babysit) Lane, with hilarious and adventurous results!
Be warned- Felix does not treat Lane’s blindness with kid gloves- in fact, some of the things that Felix did to Lane, (like putting the toilet seats up and getting Lane to sit), were funny, and a little mean, (but mostly funny!). I liked that Felix did not pity or patronise Lane, (hence some of the things he said/did).
Both men eventually begin to open up to each other, providing the story with a bit of tenderness and heart.
This is a story to be enjoyed as is – don’t try to analyse how feasible some of the exploits are – just enjoy the ride!

4.5 stars out of 5

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3 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Anna Audiobook Author Provided Book Demons Ghost Heat Index Little to no angst m/f Magic Mild/low level heat Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Psychic Witches/Warlocks/Wizards

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead Audiobook by Christiania Miller Narrated by Marie Rose


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A little magic can go a long way — to really screwing up a girl’s life!

Mara is having the worst month of her life. At least, that’s what her cards tell her and they’ve never been wrong. She’s evicted from her apartment, loses her job and is banned from Beverly Hills. So when the tarot cards predict her imminent demise, she uses a little magic to make her world right.

Suddenly, an aunt she’s never met dies, leaving Mara as her sole heir. But when Mara moves into her inherited home, she discovers Aunt Tillie never moved out. She’s still one pissed-off old lady, even post-mortem, and she blames Mara’s magical meddling for her death.

When Mara accidentally releases a demon and awakens the spirit of the most powerful witch in history, Tillie’s ready to kill her — literally. It’s the only way she can think of to save the girl from herself. The witch and the demon, however, have other plans for Mara’s body.


Warning! This review may contain spoilers!
There was the bones of a really good story here, with magic, witches, ghosts and demon possession of other people’s bodies. Unfortunately it was kind of buried under an attempt at what I can only define as chick flick horror comedy?
The first almost 4 hours of this book is dreadfully dull, as we follow Mara through her life in LA, her problems with her landlord, money shortage, going to Wicca fairs, seeing her ominous dreams etc. Then aunt Tillie finally dies and Mara is off to Wisconsin and our adventure starts.
This part of the story was interesting. I loved the story behind the witch house, the house that would protect itself by turning destroyers into plant life, the dead ancestor, the possession of innocent bystanders and the untrained witch trying to save the world.
Unfortunately, there is way too little of the good stuff and way too much of the boring, also there are too many contradictions about the main character, Mara. Her mother left when she was a child – apparently to save her, we never get the conclusion to that bit of story arc, but I presume it will continue in the series onwards – so she was never trained as a witch. A fact that she complains about frequently to aunt Tillie, and yet she somehow knows how to do rituals to switch souls and send the undead to the underworld? That did not make sense to me. Why not cut the boring and mundane parts of the story and use that on educating both us the reader and Mara the witch on the specific brand of magic lore in this universe?
Most of this book would work fine as a YA novel. But there are some graphic sex scenes and some graphic violence in the later parts of the book, that will probably make it more suitable for an older audience. Although there is sex in this story, it is not a romance. The potential love match is spoiled by a demonic possession, so he kind of runs away – understandably so – but again, this is a series, so it is probably not the last we have seen of Paul.

All in all, this could have been great, but ended up only being good. But there may still be potential enough in the ending, that I may continue at a later point with this series.

The narrator did an ok job, but didn’t bring much to the story and there were quite a few glitches in the technical production, where it was clear that parts of the story had been redone as the acoustics were very different for a paragraph and then changed back again.

 3 out of 5 stars


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