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Recent Release: Gazes Into You by Alex Jane

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Ex-detective John Right likes to watch.
There’s no harm in it.

The latest object of his obsession—a twenty-something stranger who chains his bike outside John’s office—doesn’t feel the weight of John’s eyes on him, doesn’t know about the secret recordings or what John does with them in the dead of night. Except when the kid disappears, John finds himself doing far more that just watching.

Reluctantly, John has to start thinking like a cop once more as he frantically tries to track down his mystery man. Although when he finds him, John is left with more questions than answers. And the more he learns, the more he wishes he’d never started looking in the first place.
Can John get to the bottom of the mystery without giving away his own dirty secret? And without giving in to his urge to do more than simply watch?

Well…nobody’s perfect.


The story has an interesting premise: John, a former detective, works as a security guard; he also happens to be a voyeur. I was a tad put off by this at the beginning of the story, especially as he watches Jason and pleasures himself to Jason’s images. But when Jason disappears, I had to find out what happened to him (and see if John’s character could be redeemed).
When John tracks Jason down (at a hospital), the mystery really begins. Who wants Jason dead and why? John transforms into Jason’s protector and, as their friendship develops into more, his lover.

The story has good bones and the secondary characters were interesting, (especially Chris), but it needed to be edited a little better. There were missing words, misplaced commas and other punctuation issues; enough to pull me out of the story at times.
Overall, the story was good, and I would read the next book in the series.

3.5 stars

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