Recent Release: Alpha Knows Best (Shifter Kings #1) by Aja Foxx



Shifter King Montgomery Beck has been doing his duty to the high council for the last twenty-five years as he waits to claim his mate. When the time comes, he doesn’t care who he has to fight to get Fagan. The sweet little omega is his and he’ll defy anyone who gets in the way.

Fagan has spent his entire life in a monastery being trained to serve whatever master he is given to. The day before his twenty-fifth birthday, someone comes for him and he’s shown a world he has no knowledge of, but one he should have been taught about from birth. When he’s introduced to a shifter fate says is his, one who speaks to him in his soul, Fagan has to decide if he believes the shifter king’s outlandish tale or if the man is just plain crazy.

When their worlds collide, Beck and Fagan go up against those who are trying to keep them apart, but there are forces at work who want Beck out of the way so Fagan can be turned over to the master he was trained to serve. The things they discover as they fight to stay together will shake the very foundation of the paranormal world.


This was a fun series to stumble upon! I like the new world we’ve got here with blind omegas and Shifter Kings. It’s predictable and mpreg so if those aren’t your thing…

The smexy times were good and Fagan eventually comes into his own. Beck is a great but humble Alpha and the conflict is reasonable.

All in all, fun and a great find!



3.5 stars

Copy Purchased for Review