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Audiobook: Bobby Green by Amy Lane Narrated by Gomez Pugh


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Johnnies: Book Five
Vern Roberts couldn’t wait to turn eighteen and get the hell out of Dogpatch, California. But city living is expensive, and he’s damned desperate when Dex from Johnnies spots him bussing tables.
As “Bobby,” he’s a natural at gay porn. Soon he’s surrounded by hot guys and sex for the taking, but it’s not just his girlfriend back in Dogpatch—or her blackmailing brother—that keeps him from taking it. It’s the sweet guy who held the lights for his first solo scene, who showed him decency, kindness, and a smile.
Reg Williams likes to think he’s too stupid to realize what a shitty hand life dealt him, but Bobby knows better. What Reg lacks in family, opportunity, education, and money, he makes up for in heart. One fumbling step at a time, they connect, not just in their hearts but in their bodies, where sex that’s not on camera, casual, or meaningless, becomes the most important thing in the world.
But Reg is hampered by an inescapable family burden, and he and Bobby will never fly unless he can find a way to manage it. Can he break the painful link to his unrealized childhood and grow into the love Bobby wants to give?


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I love the Johnny series! It ranks up with the top 3 of series I read and read again. I was really looking forward to Bobby’s story and I was not disappointed. (I don’t think you have to have read all the books to appreciate this but I think you should. I think there’s a lot of background in the other stories that help you to appreciate Bobby’s story and there’s a lot of things going on with other characters that help you to understand Bobby and his situation better.)

Digger is such a tough character. As is V. These two characters are both so easy to love and so hard to love in the way because they don’t fit any sort of typical mold. I appreciate the fine line Amy draws here with Digger’s IQ and that she fully shows us that despite the numbers Digger is a fully functioning adult who maybe doesn’t always make the best decisions. He also has a hard time with “gray areas” or nuance but many people are like that. V, on the other hand is so clearly in pain and suffering but Digger can’t forget his promise to her – despite all the time that has passed and the changes that have occurred in her mental status.

Vern’s story is no less heart breaking. He can’t identify with his true self because he’s spending so much time fighting for his mom and for his own life.

One aspect of the story that really helped me to see our guys in a forever relationship was how long it took them to have sex. The sex should have been the easy part – but it wasn’t and our guys realized this. I really appreciated Digger’s lack of understanding of the situation and how frustrated he was and confused because, – you know – love is confusing sometimes, too. Bobby didn’t know where he was with that either so the whole thing was just confusing.

The writing is beautiful and touching as always and this will gladly join my “favorites shelf” beside the others in the Johnnies Series.


I really hope they get Sean Crisden to do the narration for this!



Welllll – they didn’t get Sean but Gomez is awesome!  I liked the idea of Sean and consistency, but if they couldn’t go there, I was glad they got someone as great as Gomez.  He gives everyone a unique voice/presence, he’s great with timing and emotion, and so easy to listen to.  Highly recommended!

5 of 5 stars


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