Recent Release: Looking for Trouble by Riley Hart

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Dylan Sutton doesn’t go looking for trouble, but it always seems to find him. After the devastating loss of his father, he travels across the country to deliver a letter to his dad’s estranged best friend. But surely, he deserves a night of relaxation when he first gets to town, right? He sets his sights on the attractive older guy at the bar—except his almost-one-night-stand turns out to be the very man he’s in town to see. Oops.

Clayton Turner has a nasty habit of either losing or hurting the people he cares about. After his partner died, he’d decided keeping to himself was the smartest life choice. He doesn’t count on trouble stumbling into his life in the form of a sexy guy twenty years his junior… and for that guy to be linked to one of the most painful losses of Clay’s past.

Fate steps in and Dylan gets stranded in Bailey Springs. He gets a job, and Clay can’t stop himself from trying to help Dylan get on his feet. And Dylan? Well, Dylan can’t seem to stop flirting with Clay. He tries, he really does…just about as much as Clay attempts not to like it. They couldn’t be more different…or are they? Soon, Trouble and Sad Eyes realize they have a lot more in common than they thought, and once they land in bed together, there’s no going back. Moving forward isn’t any easier, though. Clay’s always walked the straight and narrow, always followed all the rules. But what does he do when the only right path involves looking for trouble?


4 stars for this. It’s really good, but not terrific.

I liked the MCs a lot, but they carried so much baggage and it was a rush job to explain and (sort of?) relieve them of their burdens.

I admit I wasn’t so sold on the “it doesn’t matter” 20 year age gap.

It would matter to me.

A lot.

And I wasn’t seeing them having a lot in common to overcome said gap.

Except sex which – 45 years old and still banging like a 25 year old – god bless ya!

It was a bit dark and I was hoping we could delve more deeply into some of that darkness but it was kind of swept away pretty easily. No elbow grease, just a quick Hoover situation.

I wanted to know more about April and the love triangle and I wanted to know more about Gordon. Also did Dylan not have any of his own lovers to think back upon?

In any case, it was good, kept my interest, but not great and I know Riley can write great stories.

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