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Female/Female Review: Little Love by Siobhan Smile

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When the perfect little stumbles into your life, what are you to do?

Lindy Rubin performed every task per her own strict routine. However, she was speeding toward forty and becoming bored with her orderly life. When she began to assess the emptiness of her personal life, she hadn’t expected the surprise destined to arrive. Was it fate that brought a beautiful girl with teary, azure eyes to her doorstep? If so, who was she to deny her Little Love help in her moment of need.

Author’s Note: This Lesbian Romance contains elements of Age Play and Domestic Discipline (D/s), if those are subjects you find objectionable please don’t read.


A fluently written f/f romance with plenty of chemistry between the MC’s, though I’d have liked it better if the emotional bond between Lindy and Katy had been a bit more developed as well. I love the out for you trope but I think the author tried to do a little too much here in one story, a bisexual awakening, discovering a submissive side as well your inner little, and all seemingly out of nowhere, all because of one chance meeting. None of these “discoveries” were handled in a way that I found believable or compelling. There were some fun and sweet moments between Katy and Lindy but somehow I was never completely convinced of their potential as a couple.
Lindy is a strong, if rather too controlling character, and I felt she was too pushy and domineering as a Mommy, occasionally even for a Domme for that matter. She talks a good talk, but her actions didn’t always reflect her good intentions. Katy remained a bit of a bland, conflicting mystery and I couldn’t really see her as a little.


Number of stars out of 5: 3

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