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Recent Review: Under His Protection by LaQuette


Blurb: They can escape their enemies, but not the desire between them.
Prosecutor Camden Warren is on the fast track to professional nirvana. With his charm, his sharp legal mind, and his father as chief judge in the highest court in NY, he can’t fail. Nothing can derail his rise to the top… until an attempt on his life forces him to accept the help of a man he walked out on five years ago.

Wounded in the line of duty, Lieutenant Elijah Stephenson wants to ride his new desk job until retirement—not take a glorified babysitting gig with more risk than it’s worth… especially not protecting the entitled lawyer who disappeared after the best sex of their lives.
The threat against Camden’s life is real, but their passion for each other might prove the greatest danger they’ve yet to face.

Review: An enjoyable suspense story, with a second chance romance.
Camden, (an assistant district attorney (ADA)) and Elijah, (a policeman recovering from a sting gone bad) met on a blind date 5 years prior. Both had a great time, but Cam was/is on a career path that does not include dating a cop.
Fast forward to the present. Cam is a target of a fringe group and guess who’s assigned to protect – (and *serve*) – as they are holed up together☺).
The attraction is still there, but both men have to get over the past hurt, especially Elijah. They do so relatively easily, which is refreshing.
The story is well written, interesting and with a lot of heated moments. The secondary characters, mostly Elijah’s family are fun; Cam’s parents, not so much (I’m glad Cam made his own decision in the end).
Overall, it’s a good, quick read. I would definitely ready more from this (new to me) author.

3.75 stars out of 5

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adult - 18+

Time for the Holidays: Dreamspinner Advent Calendar Story Tulsi Vivah by Anna Kaling

Dreamspinner Presents




The festival of Tulsi Vivah ushers in the Hindu wedding season and tears away the love of Kristopher’s life. Three years of passion and tenderness are reduced to a shameful skeleton in the closet as Arjuna submits to the marriage his parents have arranged for him. His family has never even heard Kristopher’s name.

The festival, a ritualistic wedding between the holy basil plant, Tulsi, and her eternal lover, Vishnu, is as much of a play-act as Arjuna’s upcoming nuptials, but he believes the wedding will honor his parents and please Vishnu. So why is his Tulsi plant—whose leaves heal and bless the devout, who is Vishnu’s representative on earth—dying? Arjuna tends to her with all the care of a concerned parent, but it might take more than his devotion to save her. She might need Kris, with his clever green-fingers—and maybe a revived Tulsi can heal two hearts.

Not exactly my cup of tea, but still a sweet and hopeful holiday romance. In the end. It took a while to get there.
I guess what bothered me so was that we have an established couple that breaks down, not because of an outside threat, but because of one of the MC’s himself. Not something I like to see in a romance. Pet peeve of mine.

I had a hard time warming up to Arjuna, because I hated how he treated Kris and even more how he broke up with him. So much in their relationship happened on Arjuna’s terms, which is just very unhealthy as well as unbalanced and I didn’t feel as if Arjuna appreciated Kris’ efforts enough. He suffered too during their separation, so that did win him some highly-needed bonus points. But then it also takes Arjuna (a lot of) time to realize it would be awful of him to marry Sharanya under false pretenses, and that initial willingness to spend a lifetime lying to a spouse like that again didn’t endear him to me.

I liked learning more about Hinduism and its mythology, and the really wonderful thing for me was that the Tulsi plant was used as a subtle way to show Arjuna that he should feel free to pursue love and happiness, even if it comes in the form of a relationship with Kris and not in that of an arranged marriage to a woman.

In the end, Arjuna makes some brave choices and is a very lucky man to still hold Kris’ affections. However, both MC’s had to face a learning curve in order to better understand the other’s point of view and create a stronger foundation for their relationship.
I loved the final scene where Kris finally meets Arjuna’s parents. A very heartwarming send-off for our MC’s.

Number of stars out of 5: 3


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