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Recent Release: Stained Hearts by: Parker Williams



Can two hearts stained by past pain find healing together?

Tom Kotke held his husband of twenty-five years on the day he died and spent nearly a year adrift. Determined to force Tom back into the world, his family takes him to the Park View Diner, where he meets young stained-glass artist Aiden Dawson. For a brief moment, Tom doesn’t think about his deceased husband—a terrifying prospect.

Slowly, Aiden draws Tom out of his shell and helps him feel alive once more. But Tom isn’t the only one who has suffered. Aiden fears no one sees beyond his wheelchair. Even if Tom can convince him he’s different, they’ll still have to overcome their age difference and a secret that could destroy their future together

Oh my this book got me right in the feels. I just wanted to hug both Tom and Brian. If you’re anything like me have tissues ready from the beginning. Grief is hard and this book lays it all bare. It’s a beautiful portrayal of healing. It’s not all plain sailing for them but the best things are worth fighting for. The whole family pull together and heal in a lovely heartwarming way. Such a gentle love story between an older man and a younger inexperienced man with a disability. There is a great twist involving Brian which I didn’t see coming and made so much sense. Brought a lot of the story together. I loved catching up with Noel and Lincoln such a wonderful treat. Each of the stories in the links in the chain series can be read can be read on their own but the characters from the previous books have little cameo parts. I think it makes them even more enjoyable if you’ve read them.
I finished this book with a contented sigh after reading the happy ever after ending. Perfect.

5 of stars out of 5


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