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Recent Release: Slow Pitch by Amy Lane


Blurb: Tenner Gibson has a job he enjoys, a prickly ex-wife, and an adorable daughter he wouldn’t trade for the world. With no romance, no sex life, and no other hobbies, a rec league softball team is as close as he gets to hedonism.

But life throws him a curveball when cocky Ross McTierney sets his sights on getting under Tenner’s skin.
One explosion of lust later, Tenner wonders what possessed him to have a quickie with Ross, and Ross wonders how to do it again.

Tenner has eight weeks to convince his tiny modern family that Ross is what’s best for him. Ross has eight weeks to get used to the idea that complicated doesn’t always mean bad. Their sex life is moving at the speed of light, and everything in their relationship is coming at them too fast….
But together, they might make a connection and knock it out of the park.

Review: I loved this story! This is one of the few times I wish I could be more eloquent when reviewing a book.
Where to start: Tenner. Such a lovely guy, family man, still wants to be friends with his ex-wife, loves his daughter and baseball. Has a wonderful boss, a bit of a temper and a wry sense of humour. Ross: A bit of an over confident, fun guy who cares for the environment. Also brother in law to ‘wonderful’ boss and has never stayed in one place for long.
When both men meet they think it’s a one off (lust) thing, but somehow, they decide to meet again (against Tenner’s better judgement). As they get to know each other, their lives intertwine – Ross meets the daughter, Tenner realises that Ross is the BIL to his boss, they both love baseball and they’re both willing to believe in their budding relationship, all the while slowly falling in love. This is such a sweet, sometimes humourous (lots of dry wit  ), no angst story. Though sweet, it manages to lightly touch on some serious themes: bigoted parents, an angry ex-wife (she comes around) and how to broach the subject of sexuality to one’s kid or parent. Other characters include 2 lovely families – Ross’s sister’s and Piper (Ten’s daughter) all make up a truly lovely story!
Definitely going to be reread often!

5 stars out of 5

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