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Release Day Review: When He was Bad by Poppy Dennison

release day review

Dreamspinner Presents

Blurb: Coconut Cove: Book Three

Lights, camera… wardrobe?

Coconut Cove is television’s newest hot sensation. The glitzy teen drama set in the beach lover’s paradise of Key West is the talk of every gossip rag eager for dirt and hookup news on the hot young actors—like Levi Phillips, who plays the show’s resident bad boy.
Levi’s attraction to costume designer Whit heads into high romance when Whit orders Levi out of his clothes—in an attempt to save Levi from heat exhaustion, of course.
Sassy Whit knows just how to dress, and undress, Levi, and soon the sexy duo are steaming it up off-screen, which is no surprise to their friends and cast mates.
But love in the public eye is complicated, and rumors pose challenges that can threaten careers and love….

Review: Another fun, light installment to the series that can be read on its own.
The short story focuses on Levi, another character on the fictional tv series and Whit, who is in charge of wardrobe.
Both men have crushed on each other for a while, to the point that the whole production cast/crew have been waiting for them to get together! Both MCs like to good naturedly snark at each other and it is fun to see them finally take the steps to getting together.
There is not a whole lot to the story, but the way they get together and want to stay together is nicely written and fun to read. It’s an easy read, one that I will reread if I need a quick pick me up.

3.5 stars out of 5

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