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Recent Release: Working Jerusalem by BA Tortuga

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Buttoned-down and sexually repressed lawyer JD desperately wants to break free of the closet and explore his desires… and coffee shop owner Todd is just the man to take him on a wild ride through pleasure, pain, power play, need, and even love.

But though they complement each other better than coffee and donuts, they have to get past JD’s issues and confront the homophobic boss who wants to keep JD under his thumb before they can sample the sweet, erotic delights waiting for them.

The blurb intrigued me for this book. I liked the idea of maybe a repressed guy breaking out of the closet and finding his kink. The relationship between Todd and JD gets steamy very quickly. The first half of the story is about them getting to know each other very well in all manner of ways. There is a very low level d/s element which is manly the dominant aspect. Todd is very take charge and guiding towards JD. The second half of the story is where JD takes a stand against his homophobic boss and the situation escalates to harassment and stalking. I did enjoy the story. I’m glad that the sexual relationship didn’t takeover the storyline but there was another side albeit a little weak. I found it to be an enjoyable and entertaining story. Interesting secondary characters who

3 of stars out of 5

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