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Title: Gifts for the Season: Winter and Christmas MM Charity Anthology by RJ Scott

Gifts for the Season: Winter and Christmas MM Charity Anthology by RJ Scott with Annabeth Albert, Joanna Chambers, Eli Easton, Suki Fleet, Lane Hayes, Annabelle Jacobs, Alex Jane, Amber Kell, Garrett Leigh, V.L. Locey, Clare London, Posy Roberts, Felice Stevens, A.E. Via

Blurb: A charity anthology from your favorite MM romance authors featuring fifteen brand new stories.

Review: A really good collection of Christmas-themed stories from a great group of authors. Let me start by saying I enjoyed most of the stories, they’re short in length, (all under 40 pages). Some stories are new romances, but many have established couples, so the stories were more of a glimpse into their lives.
I didn’t add individual ratings because I wouldn’t have been able to fairly rate the non-standalones.

The standalones
An Unworthy Gift (AE Via): 2 men who don’t have a reason to celebrate the season find each other and create a reason to. For a short story, it really felt like a novella. And more importantly, as an AE Via story it had a lot of steam 

Dressed in Holiday Style (V.L. Locey)
Fun story  Jakob, a diva-esque window dresser is a bit stressed due to being behind at work. He spots another window dresser at a rival shop, Chet and thinks that Chet is copying/stealing his ideas. This is a humourous story with a snowball fight and other incidents. Jakob and Chet are quite different but suit each other well.

Single Dad Christmas (RJ Scott): Short, sweet pining age gap story. Austin is the Dad pining for Paul. Paul, the manny looking after Austin’s triplets, plans to leave the household. Austin has to find the courage to ask him to stay. Really good story.

The First Snow of Winter (Joanna Chambers): A really good story. It’s a historical take on the trapped together trope. Sam and Jasper revisit their past, set the misconceptions straight and make a path for their future. Including Jasper accepting Sam as he is, disability be damned.

Driving Home for Christmas (Annabelle Jacobs)
Jared is stranded on the motorway and unable to get home for Christmas. He’s saved by his estranged friend, Tom. They end up stranded with one bed and time on their hands to resolve their issues. Enjoyable second chance story.

Homestead for the Holidays (Alex Jane)
CJ and Jace are college buddies who are at CJ’s family for the holidays. Jace is in love with CJ, while the latter is clueless. This is a sweet best friends to lovers story.

Twelve Days of UPS (Eli Easton)
Really good! A variation of secret santa – Dan is a UPS delivery guy who delivers packages to Paul, however, Paul doesn’t know who’s ending the gifts and he’s starting to fall for Dan. The feeling is mutual and things progress. It was nice to see the slow build between both men 

Five Gold Blings (Clare London)
A meeting between Gray (a delivery guy) and Alec, a vlogger in a bind results in a whirlwind of a relationship, from becoming business partners to moving in together in short space of time. Cute story.

Sojourn for Christmas (Posy Roberts)
Sawyer has been kicked out from home for being gay. Gregg, an older guy whose dog he walks, offers to let him stay at his place. Sawyer is attracted to the older man, but despite that, their relationship is that of friendship. Not sure if this is a prequel to another book, but seemed like there could be more. Wasn’t one of my favourites.

The non-standalones
Out for the Holidays (Lane Hayes)
Derek and Gabe are from Out in the Deep (which I have not read). Derek is planning to establish a bistro. Apparently his mum has not always been supportive so Gabe helps bridge the gap between them. A really lovely story of support, love and family.

Must Be Santa (Annabeth Albert)
Another established couple – Better Not Pout (which I loved) – but is great as a standalone. Nick and Teddy want to try fostering kids. This is their story of balancing being parents and partners. Sweet and heartwarming.

A Santa for Trin by Amber Kell
Apparently, this is about the Moon pack members, but it works well as a lovely holiday story. Incorporates the celebration of Christmas from both sides and kids 

Non standalones better if the previous story has been read.
Sometimes, Always (Suki Fleet)
This did not work as a standalone (for me), and since I haven’t read Sometimes There’s Stars, it didn’t resonate with me. For fans of the book (and Peri and Echo), you’ll be in for a treat.

No Place Like Home (Garrett Leigh)
Another story that’s better if one has read the prior story (in this case Circle; Roads series). Great for fans of Ash and Pete.

The Gift of Forever (Felice Stevens)
MCs Torre and Frisco (from Never Say Never) are spending their first Christmas together. A bit hard to follow unless you’ve read the book.

Overall 4 stars out of 5

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