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Recent Release: Savage Bite (Shifter Kings #2) by Aja Foxx

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Greyson Bailey had followed Shifter King Montgomery Beck for years. He stood by his side through thick and thin, fought numerous battles with him, and was even there when the man eventually claimed his omega after twenty-five years of waiting for him. Greyson just wished he could find a bit of that happiness of his own.

When he’s sent to oversee the omegas at the monastery where Fagan grew up, he finds more trouble than a simple shifter, even a warrior like himself, can handle. He wakes up wounded in an alley with no idea how he got there, who had shot him, or why the omega kneeling next to him smells so damn alluring.

Davan has spent his entire life in a monastery being trained to serve whatever master he was given to. He learned every fighting skill he could, not to protect his master, but to protect himself. He had no intention of spending his life serving someone he didn’t know.

The man he saved and dragged to the alley is a different story. Davan desperately wants to get to know him better, but the people who hurt Greyson have other ideas. Chased through the streets of the city, Davan and Greyson have to fight for their future. Together they just might have a chance at happiness.


I enjoyed this. It was a good sequel.
If you enjoyed book 1 you’ll enjoy following up on Greyson whom we met in book 1.

There wasn’t a whole lot different from the first book , but I did appreciate learning a bit more about this world and seeing the slightly different aspects Davan brought to the omega theme.

3 of 5 stars

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