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Recent Release: Socks for an Otter by Posy Roberts

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Blurb: He fell from his ivory tower and landed in the gutter.
But Sebastian would rather be homeless and hungry than clueless.
On his way to the food pantry, a guy on his cell phone runs into him and triggers his prickly side. As a sign of goodwill, Louis offers to cook for him. But all Sebastian sees is the privilege he used to have.

This isn’t a fairytale. Louis isn’t Prince Charming. And Sebastian can make it on his own.
But it’s been days since he’s had a hot meal. And a blizzard is coming.
Will Sebastian’s pride be his appetizer?

Review: I loved this story! It is a touching story, but not maudlin. The plight of the homeless is told in a simple but impactful way.
Seb and Louis make a great couple. Seb reads older than his age (23) – not in a bad way – showing that life on the street can and will make you grow up real fast. Louis is a caretaker – always needing to be needed. The one time he failed to be there for his loved one resulted in tragedy. With Seb, he has a chance to feel needed again, though Seb wasn’t very accepting of what he thought of as charity. This makes for some prickly interactions between both men, but their simmering attraction and willingness to listen to each other helps them forge a relationship.
Lovely story!

5 stars out of 5

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