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Time for the Holidays: Dreamspinner Advent Calendar Story Valley of the Kings by Blue Jones

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Rival archaeologists Will and Jude slept together a year ago, on the night of the Summer Solstice at a dig in Stonehenge. But they were both wearing masks, so Jude has no idea it was Will he slept with, and Will’s been harboring a powerful, one-sided crush ever since. Now they’re in Egypt, competing to find the lost tomb of Queen Nefertiti. Jude falls through a crack in the cave floor, and when Will reluctantly climbs down to help him, they find themselves in Nefertiti’s tomb, surrounded by archaeological treasures—where they must spend Christmas stranded by a sandstorm. Will a few sultry hours stripped almost bare from the heat and sharing a bottle of whiskey sort out who should get credit for the discovery—and the real reason for the tension between them?


Another good story in the collection. The blurb says it all, complete with a double meaning of sorts☺. It’s a fun read, with humour, a little adventure, a light tug on the heartstrings and a lovely end. The only thing I wanted to know is if they really discovered Nefertiti’s tomb. Hopefully Blue Jones will flesh this out as full novel and we get to find out? *Puppy dog eyes*.

I loved it!

4 stars out of 5

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