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Recent Release: Honeythorn by Marina Vivancos

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Omega Milan Pryor knows his duty. He must travel North through the continent towards the snow, the cold, and his new betrothed. They say that Lord Alpha Raphael Ledford, the man he is to marry, is as artic as the weather of his land. But Milan has always been an optimist. Perhaps he might find friendship in the arranged marriage. Even love.

It doesn’t take long for Milan to realize that all the rumours about Lord Raphael are true. Reclusive, distant, frigid. Milan finds himself unwelcome in what he must now call his new home. He’s used to fighting for what he wants—but can he survive a husband as cruel as Lord Raphael?

Being bonded to one who rejects you is a painful thing. Will Milan be able to win his husband’s regard? What terrible secret is Lord Raphael keeping, and will Milan be able to discover it before it’s too late?
Or will Milan perish along with his heart?


This book is set as Regency era with a slight Steampunk feel. It’s Omegaverse with hint of mpreg possibility, but did not happen in the book. Milan is from a family in the South, who is arranged to marry Raphael from the North. I was sad for Milan in the beginning for Raphael’s behaviors. The talks about steam powered machines in everyday life was fun to read. I also enjoyed the stark contrasts between the personalities of both men. Other than a VERY rocky beginning, the slow build between the men was wonderful to read. There was a big twist towards the end that surprised me. The background characters were a delight to read and really added to the tone of the book. Overall a very enjoyable read.

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