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Sugar and Ice (Arizona Raptors #4) by R.J. Scott , V.L. Locey

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When love is on the line, the worst decisions can end up having the best endings

Tate Collins, an all-American hockey phenomenon, was the highly marketable face of Dallas hockey. Loaded down with endorsements and playing his best game, he was a superstar and a household name. No one ever expected him to fail, but overnight, after the worst decision of his life, everything spirals out of his control. Abruptly, his reputation is in tatters, and he’s traded to the Arizona Raptors in a shocking move. Brushing off the wild and unfounded accusations that he faces on social media, and stuck on the second line, he keeps his head down and works hard to earn his spot. Tate knows he can make a difference if only his teammates would let him. Something has to change for him to earn their respect, but falling for the captain might not be his best move.

Vladislav Novikov has been called many things over his long and illustrious career, but the new nickname of Iceberg seems to fit best. Perhaps it’s due to his icy blue eyes, or the way he rams into opposing players as he defends his goalie. Or maybe it’s because of his cool demeanor when not playing the game he loves. Whatever the reason, it’s why he’s the perfect team captain for this wild bunch of puck-pushers. His perfectly controlled life is smooth as ice until Tate Collins rides into Tucson with his apple pie ways and those damn dimples. The young superstar immediately catches his eye. Despite knowing better than to start something with a teammate, the big, bad Iceberg is about to have that chilly veneer around his heart melted away by Tate one sweet kiss at a time.


This was fairly cute but not my favorite – only because I really can’t tolerate the D/s in anything – even though this is really minor.

I would have loved to see these guys go toe to toe – but it was really pretty angst free and though I enjoyed reading it – I’m sure I won’t read it again and it is pretty forgettable.

I was looking forward to the Russian captain and his icey ways – and they are there, but I can’t say I was looking forward to Tate’s story – the authors did too good a job of making me dislike him. The ending was a little disappointing and lack luster, though maybe appropriate for the characters.

All in all I think fans of the series will enjoy this but I wouldn’t necessarily choose this as a representable sample of the series for someone new to it.

3 of 5 stars

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