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Stranger in Black Book Blog Tour by Devon Rhodes


OS:  Welcome to Devon Rhodes author of Stranger in Black!  Thanks for stopping by!


DR: Thanks for hosting and giving me a chance to chat. J I’m writing this with the TV on in the background, trying to stay caught up on the Olympic Games—watching all of the esoteric sports that are strangely absorbing every four years. And of course there are the commercials…especially those about overcoming odds and the ‘Thanks, Mom’ ones that totally make me cry. Great writing, lol.

That’s sort of the essence of what we try to do when we create a story, to find that connection that creates emotion. Readers want to care about the characters and what happens to them. So when I’m writing, I do a lot of referencing of situations I’ve been in or witnessed to help create believable reactions in the progression of the story.

In Stranger in Black, I can read through and find several scenes where I took a memory and used it as a building block to share Chris and Jarrod’s story. I wonder if reader will be able to pick them out. Hmm… J Okay—I’ll share a few:

  • Walking into a swanky event and hearing a very incongruous song from the 80s playing.
  • Knowing a friend who really does own an entire piece of furniture just for accessories.
  • The layout of the restaurant and outdoor shopping area—I used a regional Italian restaurant a couple of miles from my house.
  • And really—I can’t be the only one who has a hard time deciding what deli salad to bring to a friend’s cookout. LOL!

Keep an eye out in Stranger in Black and my other books for situations that really ring true—chances are they aren’t entirely fiction. J I hope you enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions in this book and that the ride leaves you with a smile and wanting to go again.


OS: That sounds fascinating!  Good luck on the rest of your tour!




Before Christian can end his relationship with a closeted cheater, he needs to see the evidence firsthand. He disguises himself and attends a masquerade ball escorted by a friend, in search of the Stranger in Black. When he finds him, he gets something entirely different—and much more erotic—than he expected.
Wearing a black-and-gold mask, Jarrod is on the hunt for Chris, the “other woman” his best friend’s fiancé is having an affair with. But a sexy vision in a white gown captures his attention and takes his breath away, which is strange, since he’s gay.
One by one, the pieces fall away, exposing their dual deception. After the masks—and the pants—are off, Christian and Jarrod must work together to support a friend… and maybe become something more than strangers.


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DevonRhodesDevon Rhodes is a happily caffeinated former sleepwalker who, over a decade ago, left the business world for the cushy life of motherhood. Two kids later, at around 39 (and holding), she couldn’t take her ponytail and T-shirt life anymore. So she sat down at the laptop to try to do justice to the images burning in her head. A few months later, success! She fended off her identity crisis by morphing from stay-at-home mom into a published erotic romance writer.

She lives in beautiful Oregon with her family, who are (mostly) understanding of all the time she spends on her laptop, aka the black hole. You can find her wherever her two girls are, and you’ll never see her in a scrunchie again. Devon loves to hear from readers—you can email her at



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