4 stars adult - 18+ BDSM Dreamspinner Gay Gay m/m Mary D Mid level angst Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Pain Part of a Series PTSD Scorching/high heat slave/master Stalker/Abusive Ex Steamy Romance

Steamy Romance: The Edge by SJD Peterson

Dreamspinner Presents


An underground club tale

Submissive Joshua has struggled with his addiction to pain for years—something Dom Nash knew when he took Joshua on. Nash also knew their path wouldn’t be an easy one, but through commitment and determination, he peels back Joshua’s layers one by one, revealing a horrific history of abuse and neglect that spans Joshua’s entire life. Nash wants nothing more than to gain Joshua’s trust and help him find the happiness that’s eluded him so long.
Providing structure and discipline is only part of what Joshua will need on his way to recovery. He’ll need the help of Dr. Hobson and their close friends at the Underground BDSM Club to help hold Joshua together as he faces the trauma of his past. It’ll push him to the edge, but Nash will be there to keep him from falling into the abyss of despair, and if Joshua can come out on the other side, he’ll be a step closer to wholeness, healing, and happiness

I haven’t read book 2 in the series, Limitless, which is how the two main characters meet. I felt there was enough of their story in this book for me to understand everything. I probably will go back and read book 2 I like the relationship between Dom Nash and Sub Joshua and would like to see where it starts from now I know how happy they are. There are a few hot scenes, where Nash takes Joshua out of himself but Nash soon realises that scenes are not the right way to give Joshua what he needs. Joshua has had a past full of abuse and rejection and Nash doesn’t want to add to this. The Edge is about two people facing doubts and learning about themselves to strengthen their relationship. It’s one of the few books that the Dom isn’t portrayed as being all knowing. Nash has fears and doubts about how he can best help Joshua. He arranges for Joshua to get professional help, which I applaud. This is one of the better BDSM stories in terms of relationships I have read. Certainly more realistic. I hope two of the secondary characters, Malcolm and Denny get to tell their story in another book.

4 of stars out of 5

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