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Spring (Seasons of Love Book 1) by Carol Lynne

retro read


On the day of his mother’s funeral, ten-year old Sidney Wilks is silently comforted by the presence of one man, ranch hand Grady Nash. Little did Sidney know that Nash would become the only stable figure in his life for the next forty years.

Years later, after an evening of typical college fun, Sidney is involved in a serious car wreck. It’s Nash who once again steps in to rescue Sidney and nurse him back to health.

While trying to get close enough to Sidney to help him heal, Nash’s feelings begin to change towards the twenty-one year old. For him, loving Sidney was nothing new, but when his body begins to desire the small man, Nash is forced to re-evaluate his protective instincts.

What kind of future could the two men possibly have? Nash’s life is centred on horses and cattle, while Sidney has dreams of escaping the small-town Kansas life to build skyscrapers. How can two men who want opposite lifestyles come to a compromise, or will Nash be forced to allow Sidney to spread his wings without him?


This is a “retro read”  from 2011 – my bud Tracy recommended it and though I hadn’t heard of the series,  I like Carol Lynne’s stuff and Tracy knows good books so…

The book grabbed me right from the start. There is a homophobic a**hole of a father, who abuses his fem son and a protective ranch hand who tries to make things right. Awesome! I love these types of hurt/comfort and May/December stories!

Sidney’s mother is dead and his dad is distant and mean. Nash steps in (at the behest of Sidney’s mother – we later find out) to help Sidney navigate his teenage years. When Sidney goes to college (now a man) Nash can’t help but acknowledge his feelings for him. He feels he can’t act on them or risk limiting Sidney’s opportunities in life (Sidney has big city dreams and Nash is a country boy all the way.)

When Sidney gets injured and is forced to return to the ranch to recover, the two can’t resist one another.

There is a lot of drama in this book (and in the series!) but there is also a lot of tenderness, feels and real emotion.

If you like cowboys, tenderness, May/December romances and a series with a fair amount of angst – this is the series for you!

4.25 of 5 stars


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