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Spooky! The Vampire King’s Husband by Amber Kell


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Vasska has waited his entire life to find his mate. In the end he puts all his hope into his goddess to find him someone to love, little does he know she’s listening?

Shay was at the end of his rope. His uncles had taken over and were trying to get control of Shay’s fortune. His parents were dead, his assets were tied up and no one wanted to hire a guy in his twenties to be an apprentice.

When a grey man hands Shay a note, he discovers it takes a goddess’s intervention to get his life back on track

A lovely quick read about a vampire king desperately looking for his mate. He pleads with the Goddess for help and she sends him Shay. It all happens at a fast pace but I liked that. Shay needs to find a way to support himself and is loosing hope when a man in a grey suit sends him to the Vampire castle. I quite liked the plot to this story. Both Vasska and Shay are looking for security, Vasska’s rule is being undermined and Shay desperately needs to get away from his uncles. I liked the humour in the first meeting which quickly moved on to lust and mating. Despite the political manoeuvring there is a happy ending.

3 of stars out of 5


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• Themes
o class difference
o Race/Species Difference

• Time Period
o Alternate World

• Trope
o Fated Mates

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